Glancing at the headlines

Here’s a major problem with using WordPress as a current-events blog.

WordPress makes it very easy to get started, but it doesn’t do wiki format (at least not conveniently) and it’s practically impossible to find something relevant that you’ve posted in the past.

Thus current events get forgotten and lost.

And sometimes one must remind people of context with historical events, such as the Israeli clip below.

Israeli TV

A somewhat more current clip is from Molyneux:

Of course, if you just want some snack-sized current event stimuli, you can just grab some stories from a pro-quality aggregator, such as Blacklisted News:


CDC Forced to Release Proof They Knew Vaccine Preservative Causes Autism

okay, that’s enough serious effort, here are the leftover links that don’t fit any categories:

Interview with Whistleblower Bill Binney

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