Killing of Jo Cox looks like a false flag.

Jo Cox was a public figure pushing for Britain to stay in the EU.

She got shot by a white guy shouting “Britain First!”

This looks like a false flag calculated to push voters to support Cox’s policies because she was the victim and therefore her ideas must be correct.

Cox supported the “Remain” campaign during the 2016 referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union. Following her death, campaigning in the EU referendum was suspended for the day on both sides as a mark of respect. The BBC also announced that the day’s editions of Question Time and This Week, two political discussion programmes that were due to focus on issues relating to the referendum, would be cancelled.

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One Response to Killing of Jo Cox looks like a false flag.

  1. All the “witnesses” just happened to be “immivasion desert crabs”. What a coincidence. “Britain First”, huh? Is that a swipe at Trump? I think Brexit and Trump will both get a boost when they look at the video from the street cam and its a Moose-Limb attacker.


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