Are Trump and Clinton just “two peas in a pod”?

On the chans, Trump is buying ads. (That in itself might be suspicious, or praiseworthy, depending on one’s point of view.)

Many channers believe Trump is the prole messiah, come to deliver lower-class whites from bureaucrats.


B’man has expressed some doubts about whether Trump is all that different from Clinton.


Sputnik wrote:

A recent poll revealed that both major presidential candidates remain deeply unpopular among voters, despite support for organizations that endorsed them.

According to a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Monday, only 29% of voters have a positive view of Donald Trump. His presumptive Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, is viewed positively by only 33% of those polled.

Nearly 60% of voters view Trump negatively, with 55% having a negative view of Clinton.

I don’t have a lot of hope for the world getting better all at once. Regardless of whether a leader saves the proles, or the proles save themselves, the process of saving the proles is not likely to be quick or easy.

I do have some hope that events will take a sudden turn for the better. The whole complexion of world politics can change drastically in a matter of days.

In 1987, the Berlin Wall was solid, and Reagan challenged Gorbachev to tear it down. Nothing visible happened for a while.

Suddenly, in 1989, Hungary stopped cooperating with East Germany, and several East Germans defected through Hungary, and suddenly the momentum of world events had turned against the Berlin Wall. Shortly thereafter, bureaucrats were reshuffled, soldiers were relieved of duty, and suddenly Roger Waters got to play a special “tear down the wall” concert, after which people actually took sledgehammers and knocked down bits of the wall.

This did not happen because Reagan was a comic-book hero; it did not happen because of any comic-book hero. But suddenly, world politics changed, like an avalanche. To a layman, the rocks that go into an avalanche appear to be very stable until they suddenly slide down all at once. Right now, I suspect that world politics looks stable and hopeless, but there will be avalanches. (Whether those avalanches will improve matters remains to be seen.)

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