No, the Meiji Era isn’t scary, the strained voices at 1 minute 15 seconds are scary

Some very silly alarmists are trying to get people to panic about Prime Minister Abe because he aims to return Japan’s military philosophy to the Meiji Era.

And somehow, Meiji-era Japan is supposed to scare the rest of the world, because they combined some aspects of Western style and technology with Japanese Shinto, including emperor-worship as an excuse for aggressive warfare.

Yeah, you know who ELSE used religion as an excuse for aggressive warfare?


Suppose Japan were to actually reclaim the right to warfare (which everyone else always retained, and Japan only gave up because the Yankees were dropping radioactive poison on them).

That would mean that little Japan, with its declining numbers of native-born citizens, would have to try to assemble an actual fighting force.

Japan lacks many things, particularly young men who are healthy enough and aggressive enough to survive basic training. They have discussed using conscription to solve their hikki problem – basically they want to force their semi-able-bodied obese nerds to leave their mothers’ spare rooms, put on a uniform, and collect a measly salary in exchange for pretending to do a horribly boring and useless job. Civilian conscription could work in Japan. It could give their labor market a new pool of obese nerd wage-slaves.

Obese nerds are not going to make it through basic training. Japan lacks young, aggressive men.

Japan does have a few able-bodied “grass-eating men,” but they are not likely to put on uniforms and invade Manchuria. They might bestir themselves to invade a soapland, but no doubt they would pay appropriately for any territory that they temporarily occupied.

The panic-mongering is at:

if you want to bother reading it. It has a few informative bits, e.g.:

The LDP’s internal crackdown on mention of constitutional revision is savvy, notes Koichi Nakano, a professor and expert on Japanese politics at Sophia University. “Abenomics was simply a way of repackaging Abe’s nationalism as something sexy so he could return to power,” says Nakano. He notes public opinion is opposed by a large margin to the revision of the constitution.
“Abe is using the same tactics he did in two previous elections since 2012 to emphasize that the vote is about the economy and then proceed to do what he intended to do once the election is over. He did this with the passing of the State Secrets Laws and then with the strongly opposed Security Laws last year after the December 2014 snap elections. Perhaps he is getting advice from his deputy prime minister, who once remarked that the LDP should learn from the Nazis about how to quietly change the constitution.”
The LDP’s proposed constitution, which has been strongly influenced by Nippon Kaigi alumni, according to reports by the Asahi Shimbun and other media, would scrap Article 9, which forbids Japan from engaging in warfare as a means of settling international disputes. It would also severely curtail freedom of speech, taking away the right to speak out on issues “if it is against the public interest.”
Presumably, the government would decide what is “the public interest.”
It eliminates the words “basic human rights” from key sections, as constitutional experts have noted.
He also believes their goal may be to alter radically the parts of the constitution which define marriage and the rights of wives, thus, “rolling back sexual equality and making Japan a country pleasant for cranky old men, like themselves.”


Japan doesn’t have much freedom of political speech, because the Japanese don’t do political arguments the way that Yankees do.  If Japan clamps down on free speech, the only people who will be mildly inconvenienced will be Yankee agitators, spies, and profiteers.

No, there is nothing scary for anyone about Abe’s supposed Meiji-era militarism. Even if he were to invade, could he hope to hold territory? If Japan stays on the Yankee leash, they can’t be conquerors. If they go off the Yankee leash, they can get bombed and invaded by any of their neighbors except North Korea, which is mostly harmless. But Japan is not going to invade China, or Russia.

If you want something genuinely scary, listen to this song at about 1 minute 15 seconds. These over-strained, under-talented voice actresses might make your eardrums bleed. In the thirteen years between the initial airing of that godawful show and today, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone sing worse than that.

Oh, wait, I just realized that I’ve wasted my limited brain power and lifespan memorizing the flaws of unwatchably bad anime. I am facing my own existential meaninglessness. Okay, go deal with geopolitics on your own, I’ve got to get busy on staring into this abyss that’s staring back into me.

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