If you have to crush a woman’s self-esteem, you don’t belong in a sexual relationship with that woman

I never liked Matt Forney.

I would pull up his old website, In Mala Fide, from the Internet Archive, to point out why it was intellectually dishonest. However, someone managed to prevent it from getting archived.

Here are the major points of what Forney wrote in 2014:

1. Constantly make her feel inadequate.

You should rarely give her unqualified praise. Every time she does something for you, find out what she did wrong and remind her of it. If you can’t find any problems, make some up. …

2. Dominate her physically and sexually.

Repeatedly violate her boundaries in small, petty ways, small enough that she’ll feel petty for complaining to you. …

3. Isolate her from her friends and family.

You need to be the primary emotional influence in her life, and you can’t do that if she’s leaning on anyone else for support. Gradually wean her from contact with anyone other than you.

4. Reward her at random intervals.
5. Give her an emotional release.
6. Fuck her like it’s your last day on Earth.

Justice demands that a person must know her – or his – inadequacy if that person truly is inadequate. Feeling inadequate is not likely to help anything. Knowing about inadequacy calmly will allow the correction of inadequacy.

Physical domination of persons may be necessary. It should not be necessary to dominate a friend, unless perhaps that friend is drunk and trying to drive, in which event, a punch to the gut would suffice. Sexual domination of anyone does not appear to be justifiable, particularly in the terms that Forney describes it.

Isolating a person from friends and family might be justice, particularly if there is reason to believe that interaction with friends and family will do more harm than good. However, if you’re going to isolate someone, you are in a position of social responsibility, and you need to refrain from sexual contact.

Sex exists (in evolutionary terms) because genes can’t reproduce themselves without generating living organisms composed of those genes. The evolutionary purpose of sex is reproduction, and there are two sexes in most animals because that’s an efficient way to compete with parasites.

A man who chooses to get into a long-term sexual relationship with a woman should be mindful of reproduction. Is this woman a potential mother for his children? If so, does he plan to treat this woman in a manner that would promote the survival of his offspring?

Patriarchal marriage has worked in the past, and we can hope that it will work again in the future. Patriarchal marriage is not about violating boundaries, even in petty ways. Patriarchal marriage is about having the correct boundaries and upholding them in the correct way – even if that requires violating false boundaries.

Jesus was entirely willing to violate all the boundaries of the Old Testament whenever he felt a need. Jesus was also willing to violate any socially accepted rights – such as the rights of the Gadarene swine to go on living. If Jesus felt the need to throw unclean spirits into Gadarene swine, even though that action would destroy the swine, then Jesus went right ahead and caused the destruction. If Jesus felt the need to ride the son of a colt on Palm Sunday, he instructed his disciples to go steal the son of a colt, and if anyone told them that stealing was wrong, they were to reply, “The Master has need thereof.” Property rights and laws were boundaries that Jesus was willing to violate, but not out of egotism. Jesus violated the old law in order to demonstrate a new and vastly superior law.

I mention this because unfortunately, it looks like Forney is once again becoming Internet famous.


Son of Brock Landers wrote:

Matt Forney was gracious enough to have me on his podcast “This Altright Life”. Please check it out. We discuss the United States of Weimerica, degeneracy, politics and culture for a little over an hour.

I will refrain from picking apart that hour of podcasting until I have taken the trouble to listen to it. But I don’t know whether my stomach is strong enough to endure listening to Matt Forney discussing degeneracy for an hour.

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