Academic science is to truth as televangelism is to Jesus


Televangelists talk about Jesus a lot. Televangelists demand the right to define other people’s narratives about Jesus. Televangelists want private donations of money.

Academic scientists talk about “truth” and “reality” a lot. Academic scientists demand the right to define other people’s narratives about truth and reality. Academic scientists are willing to accept private donations, but mostly they want governments to give them huge chunks of money, along with special privileges over who gets to burn fossil fuels and who has to eat cold soybeans.

Another Arctic Alarmist Disaster

There has been very little melt going on in the Arctic Ocean the last few days, due to cold cloudy weather….

A group of climate clowns were planning on sailing around the entire Arctic Ocean through the Northeast and Northwest Passages (to prove there isn’t any ice in the Arctic) but are stuck in Murmansk because the Northeast Passage is completely blocked with ice.

It is July 20, and they haven’t made it to the Arctic yet.

The melt season is more than half over, with temperatures near the pole persistently below normal.

This is what happens when people listen to climate scientists, who are some of the most dishonest people on Earth – after Democratic politicians.

Another Arctic Alarmist Disaster

A similar thing happened with Antarctica. Recall Chris Turney in 2014:

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — All 52 passengers trapped for more than a week on an icebound Russian research ship in the Antarctic were rescued Thursday when a Chinese helicopter swooped in and plucked them from the ice a dozen at a time.

Also, look up an email scandal called “Climategate,” where global warming researchers did some unscholarly things to push their narrative.

It’s horrifying that academics are so blinded by their assumptions.

What could possibly be worse than academia?


Normally, I’m a big critic of academia, but sometimes academics are the underdogs.

Right now, neither I nor anyone else knows what’s going on with academics in Turkey. (That includes the Turk government, who don’t know what they are doing, even though they are clearly doing stuff.) The best guess might require digging through a lot of boring documents:

Journalism, like science, often requires boring legwork.

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