What people search for when they hit Vulture of Critique (and a short note on Ali David Sonboly of Munich)

Golly, that “Mary S. Young” lady looks oddly familiar … I get the strangest feeling that I used to see her face a lot when she was younger… wasn’t she in a movie or something?


Here are the terms that people search for when they find this blog:

earl nightingale,


dresden, the seventh largest city in germany and not much smaller than manchester, is also far the largest unbombed built-up the enemy has got. in the midst of winter with refugees pouring westwards and troops to be rested, roofs are at a premium. the intentions of the attack are to hit the enemy where he will feel it most, behind an already partially collapsed front, to prevent the use of the city in the way of further advance, and incidentally to show the russians when they arrive what bomber command can do.”,

bowling wedding ideas,

was the turkey coup a false flag attack


The above terms might seem a little disconnected, so let me draw attention to a key term – “false flag.”  The Turkey coup was almost cetainly a false flag.  I don’t know whether th recent Munich shootings were – my guess is that they were not government-connected; it seems to have been a single man’s misguided killing spree, not a conspiracy.  But certainly the media have failed to do their job.  The mainstream media should be questioning whether the Munich shootings were a false flag.  Instead, they are disgracing the heritage of journalism.


To quote Breitbart:

The BBC has unilaterally chosen not to report the Munich attacker’s full name, in what appears to be an attempt to scrub any Muslim or Islamic heritage link to its coverage of the incident.

Most sources at this point suggest that Ali David Sonboly – the Munich attacker who targeted children and killed nine yesterday – is not connected to radical Islam, but the BBC has gone to extraordinary lengths to try to keep any reference to his heritage out of its coverage, opting to name him only as “David Sonboly”.

Other news organisations including the Wall Street Journal, Independent, Daily Mail, and Sky News named the attacker as “Ali David Sonboly” or “David Ali Sonboly”. CNN even referred to him simply as “Ali Sonboly”.


Steve Sailer has written that political correctness is a war on noticing. The public is smart enough to notice that the name “Ali David Somboly” sounds a lot less European than “David S.” Thus the public is already politically incorrect, and quite possibly the public wants politically incorrect blogging.

I don’t know whether Ali David Sonboly was an isolated unhappy man or the manipulated puppet of a conspiracy. I can certainly say that the mainstream media is not inquiring into this question as their responsibility compels them to do. “The public has a right to know.”

When the mainstream media abdicates its responsibilities, the public might be desperate enough to read fringe blogs in order to find out some details about current events.

I provide no actual reportage. I quote and link some small fraction of the hundreds of news stories that I read. The journalistic merit of this blog is probably close to zero, but the journalistic merit of the mainstream media is probably less than zero – so tune in next time for the next frisson of political incorrectitude.

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