All the Dystopia and None of the Cyberpunk


If you play videogames, you are already aware that upcoming games often depict cool cyberpunk dystopias, where thes both have access to high-tech weapons. The protagonists of these games can easily power themselves up to superhero-tier levels of personal effectiveness, and can take out entire riot squads single-handedly.

While people entertaining themselves with such hopeful games, the real world is a dystopia, with no readily available superpowers.

Media coverage of Munich massacre is ridiculous:

The UK (and its plutocrats) were behind opium, and the USA (and its plutocrats) are behind heroin:

US War In Afghanistan Is Fueling Global Heroin Epidemic & Enabling The Drug Trade

The USA bombs civilians just to prolong wars, because the longer the war goes on, the more profit can be made:

US Airstrikes in North Syria Villages Killed Entire Families, Locals Confirm

The Democrats are corrupt, but you knew that already:

Australia is torturing its prisoners:

The Turkish government is raping its prisoners:

California cop rapes women while on duty:

Serial Rapist Cop Arrested for Raping, Kidnapping 5 Women — On Duty

Obama re-militarizes the cops:

Profiteers are making big profits by selling cops the tools of repression:

Sign of the Times: Riot Control Gear Sales Are Soaring Globally

See also:

Police Are Conducting War Against The American People

The remedy is obvious:

Prevent Israeli Training Of US Police

But Israel can always make profits from atrocities:

Israel Lines Its Pockets With Palestinian Aid — And The US Helps Israel Keep It That Way

False flag killing sprees are characterized by governmental demands to destroy evidence:

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