No, sorry to say it, but the USA is the source of the world’s heroin problems

Pat Lang was very indignant about the claim that the USA government sells heroin and cocaine in order to perpetuate the War on Drugs.

Pat Lang disbelieves one of the landmark researchers in the field, namely McCoy- Lang wrote:
You have no proof whatever for this accusation against the United States. None! It is rooted solely in your unrelenting enmity for the United States. A book published by some “scholar” who shares your prejudice is not proof.
I want names, dates, places.

But apparently he invites disagreement.

Apparently he wants the names of specific pilots, the serial numbers of specific planes, the airports at which they loaded specific shipments.

One such name is Tuan Shi-wen.

An example of a credible accusation is:
“In December 1962, for example, CIA agent Edgar Buell trained Hmong guerrillas in demolition techniques and directed the dynamiting of six bridges and twelve mountain passes near Ban Ban.”

Another example is:
Lt. Col. Oliver North, who set up drugs and arms smuggling rackets to fund the Contras.
North’s notebooks contain numerous references to Contra-related drug trafficking,
including a July 12th 1985 entry: “$14 million to finance [arms] came from drugs.”

Another example:

“It wasn’t just that BCCI was rumoured to be bad. It was that professional
investigators in the Agency had hard evidence that they were bad, and
bad in a big way, and nobody did anything about it.”


The UK (and its plutocrats) were behind opium, and the USA (and its plutocrats) are behind heroin:

US War In Afghanistan Is Fueling Global Heroin Epidemic & Enabling The Drug Trade


Book Review: Heroin, Organized Crime, and the Making of Modern Turkey by Ryan Gingeras

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