Never believe any story until it’s been officially denied TWICE – Nice “attack” looks like a false flag – and the Turkey “coup” may have been a CIA false flag

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Note that Israel is connected to some people accused of coup leadership:

Six senior army commanders were arrested in connection with the failed coup that began Friday night, including General Akin Öztürk, who in the 1990s was the Turkish military attaché to Israel, a Turkish official told reporters.

Öztürk, who later served as the commander of Turkey’s air force, served in his country’s Tel Aviv embassy from 1998 to 2000. The 64-year-old military figure stepped down as air force commander last year, but continued to serve on Turkey’s Supreme Military Council.

American officials have strongly denied accusations in the Turkish press that Washington was behind the failed July 15 coup in Turkey. On July 25, Yeni Şafak, a popular Turkish daily, alleged that the failed coup had been funded and organized by the United States government.


The newspaper, which is headquartered in Istanbul, is known for its conservative political stance and close links to the AKP, the party of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Its editorials typically reflect the AKP’s position on the political affairs of the day.

In its leading article on Monday, Yeni Şafak cited “senior government officials” in claiming that the CIA had organized the plotters behind the July 25 military putsch. It also fingered retired US Army General John F. Campbell as the principal intermediary between the CIA and the coup plotters in the Turkish military. Born in 1957, General Campbell served as the US Army’s Vice Chief of Staff until 2014, when he assumed the command of all US armed forces in Afghanistan. Upon his retirement, in 2016, he stepped down from that post as the last commander of the International Security Assistance Force in the Central Asian country. Yeni Şafak’s July 25 front-page headline read: “This man led the coup”, next to a photograph of General Campbell. In the corresponding article, the retired American General was accused of having “organized and managed the soldiers” behind the coup, and having handled “at least $2 billion” in CIA funds, which he allegedly distributed to the coup plotters via the Nigeria-based United Bank for Africa (UBA).

But in a statement issued on Tuesday, UBA called Yeni Şafak’s allegations spurious and insisted it had “no involvement with, or connection to” the July 15 coup attempt in Turkey. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, General Campbell also dismissed the allegations against him as “absolutely ridiculous”, adding that they “don’t even warrant a response”. On the same day, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, described the Turkish newspaper’s article as “absurd”. Speaking at a press conference held jointly with US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter in Washington, General Dunford said: “I really don’t know where that report could have come from”. Last week, US President Barack Obama telephoned his Turkish counterpart to assure him that the US had no prior knowledge of, or involvement in, the coup.

Pro-AKP media in Turkey have repeatedly accused Washington of being behind the July 15 coup attempt. But the Yeni Şafak article marked the first time that a foreign individual was named as a leading coup plotter. Ankara claims that the main culprit of the coup is Fethullah Gülen, a charismatic religious figure who leads a large anti-AKP religious movement from his place of exile in the US state of Pennsylvania. Turkey has said that it will issue a formal request for Gülen’s extradition. But the White House says it will consider extraditing Gülen only in light of sufficient evidence from Ankara. Gülen himself denies all charges of involvement in the plot.

Turkish media accuse US general, CIA, of plotting coup



Many Turks are blaming the CIA for the coup. This is not exactly an airtight accusation!  The Spurdoyankees have already denied it once, but never believe it until they deny it TWICE:

on Friday following a filing by a Turkish prosecutor alleging that the FBI and the CIA trained and equipped members of the so-called Gulenist Terror Organization (FETO), leading to an explosion of activity on social media among Turkish speakers calling for the execution of ‘American traitors’ and for the immediate closure of NATO’s Incirlik Air Base.

Bear in mind that the USA government spread lies through the media long before it was legal to do so – but now the USA government has given itself the legal right to promote total lies as truth:

in 2014 it became officially legal for the US government to use propaganda on its citizens. Under the newest version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) there is an amendment that legalizes the use of propaganda on the American public. This means that the last “news story” you might have caught, could have been completely fabricated to garner a specific response or perception; and as inherently wrong and immoral as that sounds, it would in fact be considered perfectly legal… to them.
Prior to this amendment, a longstanding federal law previously made it illegal for the US government to share propagandized information, which it has been producing, with actual American citizens. This material is designed to be sent to American-operated outlets broadcasting around the globe, and used to influence the perception of foreign entities. This material is now used to influence the perception of voters, consumers, activists, and anyone they deem necessary to manipulate, and all on American soil.
Use of propaganda inside the US had been banned since 1948 when the Smith-Mundt Act was passed, and for good reason, as the oversight with such manipulations is almost non-existent. The NDAA was branded as an attempt at transparency, but the reality is much more sinister, as it was essentially a green-light to use that propagandized material on Americans instead of foreign populations. When considering the many different “events” that have taken place in recent years, both politically and socially, the truth of this propaganda directive begins to materialize. Whether or not it’s deemed “legal” by the crony politicians, what is now being done to American citizens, any way you look at it, is unconstitutional.

It is also important to remember that regardless of whether this amendment now makes domestic propaganda legal, it does not mean that the government was holding back its propagandized material up until that point. This new law only serves to make what they have been doing all along, as “officially” legal.

Original post:

It should be obvious by now that the majority of “insurgent” attacks against the West are instigated or led by Western insiders.



Nice Brings To Mind Operation Gladio


I don’t think I’m going to bother explaining this in depth.  Anyone who reads this site probably understands 95% of what I would write about it.


A more productive – but much harder – question is : How do we respond to a world gone mad?


I don’t have any good answer to that.


Blogging doesn’t help much.  It gives a morale boost for people who are already aware.  It might wake up a few sleepers.  But blogging is not a serious solution.


I think political activism sucks.  I think selling e-books sucks.  Wasting time on 8ch is less productive than blogging.


There is no apparent magic bullet that will fix everything all at once.  I would like to say that technology will save the masses, but technology didn’t save Aaron Swartz, and only a combo of tech and Russian support saved Edward Snowden.



The closest thing the English-speaking world has to a real leader is PCR or Ron Paul, and Ron Paul is getting too old to be an effective political leader.  Both PCR and RP do little but write editorials, but they accomplish much more with a single page than I can accomplish with years of blogging.

So don’t look to me for answers.  Go to someone who has an actual clue:


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One Response to Never believe any story until it’s been officially denied TWICE – Nice “attack” looks like a false flag – and the Turkey “coup” may have been a CIA false flag

  1. BMan says:

    The closest thing the English-speaking world has to a real leader is PCR or Ron Paul,

    I’m sorry, but a real leader would identify the jew. Neither of these do.

    Also, if I am not mistaken, PCR and Paul are about the same age. Both are too old and stuck in the hate Nazi world of jew protectionism.

    I once asked PCR when the US government/media began lying to us (before he stopped allowing comments at his blog)? Was it before or after WWII? He refused to answer, I assume because he knows the answer illuminates the real culprits he refuses to identify directly.


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