Surprise Inspection


Close on the heels of the news that Israel-connected generals have been accused of leading the recent Turkish coup, it seems that Turkish forces want a closer look at USA nukes stored in Turkey.

1,000s Turkish forces surround NATO’s Incirlik air base for ‘inspection’ amid rumors of coup attempt

Some 7,000 armed police in heavy vehicles surrounded the Incirlik air base used by NATO forces in Adana in what a Turkish minister called a “security check.” With no official explanation, speculations have arisen about a new coup attempt or VIP visit.

Turkey’s minister for EU Affairs downplayed the situation in a Twitter post, saying a “security inspection” was carried out.

“We did the general security check. There is nothing wrong,” he tweeted from Adana.

Some supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have reportedly flocked to the cordon surrounding the base. The scene, however, did not appear as massive and tense as the recent Adana protests demanding for the base to be shut down.

On Thursday, a huge rally marched towards the NATO base, as people with loudspeakers chanted anti-American and anti-Israel slogans. The demonstrators claim that the US had a hand in the failed July 15 coup attempt in which 270 people died. Tens of thousands people, including members of the military, police, judiciary, media, and civil service, have been arrested in connection with the coup, which Turkish officials say was organized by US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, Erdogan’s former ally, who is now his most hated rival.

Basically, it looks like 7000 Turks with guns and uniforms.

Would they be crazy enough to besiege the Spurdoburger Legions?

It’s more likely that Erdogan fears that the unwashed mob might get too big for its britches and cause problems. Quite possibly the Turks with guns are surrounding the Yankees to make sure that uneducated Turks with Molotovs don’t get too close.

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