It’s still statist propaganda, even if you’re trolling

There is a frequently heard exchange at some lower-class parties:

A: You are a jerk.

B: No, I am not a jerk, I am acting like a jerk ironically.

A: You are still a jerk even if you are doing it ironically.

Self-proclaimed trolls often regard admission of trolling as a get-out-of-jail free card.

Hawaiian Libertarian has written a recent post that allows us to update this exchange:

A: You are a statist propagandist.

B: No, I am just trolling.

A: You are still a statist propagandist even if you are trolling.

HL’s post is at:

But it has broken links.

The current post link appears to be:

This is my fault for constantly re-organizing. I often don’t like the default “slug” URLs, and I often take down posts temporarily for editing.

Also, some relevant graphics detailing m00t’s bosses:

See also:

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