I think they are insulting video games

I want to think that this site is an April Fools’ Day joke.

It’s called “The Cuck.” Use the archive link, don’t give them clicks.

They re-write Pinnocchio from Gepetto’s point of view.

They depict Gepetto as a creepy guy, the sort who would prefer a blow-up doll to a girlfriend.


In the end, Gepetto-ing is a bit manipulative. It’s a bit backhanded. It deals strictly in the realm of unknowable dark energies. But it’s something that has helped me build a social life I can be proud of—a life of seclusion where I can fill my need for love by squeezing it forcefully from the wooden bodies of toys who are my friends because they have no other choice.

In terms of slang, “ghosting” is cutting off ties with a romantic prospect and disappearing. “Benching” is cutting off in-person contact and continuing to send texts and pretend that you have social ties. “Gepetto-ing” apparently refers to Gepetto’s relationship to his creations, not to the fact that Gepetto keeps creating them.

I can’t figure what group, subculture, or behavior is the target of this mockery.

But…. I’m not going to think too hard about it.




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