Is steampunk strip-mining the past? Can rivethead music be non-nihilistic?


Steampunks are mostly young whites, although there are a few East Asians with a major influence on the fashion component of steampunk cosplay.

(Obviously, Victorians would never consent to be seen in public while dressed like the young lady shown above. Some whites have suggested that steampunk is a blasphemous delusion that resembles a crippled former athlete dementedly raving of his athletic glories from a wheelchair.

While steampunk cosplay is willing to steal any detail of the British Victorian lifestyle, they mostly steal from upper-class luxuries. Several serious social thinkers have been inspired by the plight of Victorian factory workers. Steampunks mostly are inspired by the leisure and wealth of a tiny fraction of the British Victorians.

The “rivethead” music of “Dr. Steel” was less steampunk and more socially aware – one of his songs describes the modern economy and calls for his followers to “burn it all down.” Some years ago, “Dr. Steel” abdicated command of his “Army” of followers.

It remains to be seen whether any steampunk or rivethead cultural movement will be persistent enough to make a real social change and socially conscious enough to confront real socio-economic issues in a non-nihilistic manner.

Note that punk music was always about white rebellion – usually hedonistic and nihilistic, but often anarchistic. Classic punk spawned numerous offshoots.

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