Carlton Meyer wrote various claims about Syria that politically aware people should be willing to debate

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I do not cite Carlton Meyer as an authority. Carlton Meyer is the kind of American that I would like to debate. No matter how much I disagree with him, I believe that he would debate in a rational manner, and the crowds would be edified regardless of how the debate turned out.

Carlton Meyer wrote:

All of Syria was part of Turkey until the Ottoman Empire was shattered a century ago. It seems Turkey had been promised a return of control of oil fields in Northern Syria once Assad was overthrown. This plan was thwarted by Russia and Turkey was left with three million refugees. Europe promised to take most of them, but stopped when their citizens objected. 

Kurdish militia groups have fought Turkish troops for a century. The desperate Americans ignored this problem and provided more arms to the Kurds and encouraged them to fight in Syria. This spilled over into Turkey where 25% of its population consists of unhappy Kurds. Kurdish fighters increased attacks on Turkish troops while the Turkish military was expelled from parts of northern Iraq, where its Generals controlled the lucrative black market oil trade for the past two decades.

The Turks were furious and began to withdraw support for Syrian “rebels” and increased attacks on Kurds. The Americans disapproved, and it seems the USA knew about the coup last month in Turkey and said nothing, and maybe organized it. What else could explain the evacuation of all American military and diplomat families from Turkey last March:

“The mandatory departure order, announced by the State Department, affects nearly all Defense Department dependents assigned to Incirlik, as well as those at smaller bases in Izmir and Mugla. The families of U.S. diplomats in the same areas also are ordered to depart. On Monday Israel issued a new travel advisory for Turkey, warning Israeli citizens to leave the country as soon as possible and avoid any traveling there.”

American Generals blamed ISIS, but the USA has been bombing “terrorists” in the region for over a decade and never considered families in Turkey at risk until just before the attempted coup. This and other evidence convinced most Turks that the Americans were behind the failed coup. The US government scrambled to convince Turkey otherwise, with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and our Vice President promptly visiting Turkey amid rumors that Turkey might leave NATO. 

In addition, most Turks consider the northern Iraqi city of Mosul a Turkish city, stolen by the British in 1918. Sunni rebels took over this city a couple years ago with quiet support from the Turks, who even established a military base near Mosul. Last year, President Obama pressured the Turks to withdraw their troops from Iraq and announced this large city must be conquered by the Shiite government in Baghdad. The Iraqi army is not motivated so the Americans brought in Kurdish troops to help. This may result in a bloody siege that kills thousands and leaves hundreds of thousands more refugees showing up at the nearby Turkish border.

Turkish President Erdogan recently made a sudden trip to Moscow. A few days later, experts were shocked to see Russian bombers now based in Iran overflying Iraq to bomb targets in Syria. And now Turkey has agreed to allow the Russians to use its airbases! A few days later, Turkey signed an agreement with Iran to resolve the fighting in Syria. Then the Syrians conducted its first airstrikes and ground attacks against the Kurds in Syria!

This indicates the biggest power shift since the end of the Cold War!

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