Ex-Army Needs Nurses For His Geezery Maladies




Ex-Army wrote:

Stream-of-consciousness post coming up, folks, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

First, I’m in the hospital again, with various geezery maladies, all of which were predictable and perfectly natural.

And I’m five days younger than Trump and look at him go! Seriously, 70 is an age around which some of us are just fine, seemingly, while others of us — me and both Clintons — look a little rocky.



Of course I refuse to do anything practical or constructive to remedy this situation, so instead I will post pictures of nurses in a display of magical thinking. If the Yozakura Quartet can’t help this situation, it is beyond my powers.  And what is Baloo doing to help this situation? Shouldn’t Baloo be able to use bear magic or something?


Pic related: actual photograph of Baloo in bear-shaman-healer regalia:



And now more nurses:

yozakuraNurseHip yozakuraNurseGlance

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  1. Rex May says:

    Baloo is doing all he can, but being pretty much of the same age and condition, that amounts to basically support over the net and trading war stories. The anime nurses have helped probably slightly more than the actual doctors so far. They will be saved and used over and over again.

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