The Many Inventions of Jewish Publicity

B enjoys keeping the goyim of the alt-right singing from politically correct sheets of music.

Someone called Rhetocrats commented:

>This is why B is a good man to have around.

>Even if, after we’ve gotten rid of our common enemies, we’ll kill/convert him too.

B replied (implicitly asserting identity with the Jews)
>Your optimism is historically unfounded. We’ve buried everyone who’s wanted to kill or convert us.

B is making two errors here.

First, the original post specified “kill him,” as is “kill B alone,” not “kill all the Jews.”

And yet B replied with “we’ve buried everyone,” confusing his own individual egotism with the collective egotism of Jews.

Second, B is implying that the Jews have a long and continuous history.
When did Judaism begin? Probably in 440 BCE.  There was probably zero Jewish cohesion before then – if there was, it was primitive and tribal, not literate.

Further, assuming that there were Jews in 440 BCE, can we further assume that they have genetic continuity with B?

How do we know B isn’t descended from converts?  How do we know B is any more “Jewish” than Luke Ford?

How do we know that B is genetically entitled to take pride in Jewish history?

Assuming B really is a true Jew through and through, how do we know he isn’t one of the Jews that will get stabbed in the back by other Jews in order to facilitate a retreat from Amalek?  Maybe the entire Jewish community would be happy to see B dead.  (And perhaps they would give a donkey-burial of the kind Israel Shahak wrote about.)
Shlomo Sand wrote _The Invention of the Jewish People_, but perhaps he should have written _The Many Inventions of Jewish Publicity_.

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One Response to The Many Inventions of Jewish Publicity

  1. BMan says:

    Long ago I entered into arguments over jewish racialism explaining that they cannot be a race because there are various colors associated.

    Jews are no homogeneous race. They have various racial elements making claim to judaism or the culture, but they are too varied to be genetically linked in any meaningful way.

    No, it is a mindset. It is Talmudic brainwashing whether or not they actually study the Talmud or not (or even if they claim to be religious).


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