Remember, remember the gamma ray induced reindeer deaths of September

Pat Lang is intentionally abrasive, off-putting, and aggrandized. He acts that way on purpose as a matter of policy. He’s not a simple narcissist – he’s a non-narcissist who fakes being a genuine narcissist in order to achieve planned goals. Obviously, he’s not my favorite person, but on matters of geopolitics, he is worth reading. (Don’t agree with him, pleas, just read him.)

Lang believes:

that Erdogan and Putin have reached an agreement in which Turkey has a green light from Russia to destroy Kurdish attempts to build an autonomous region in the northeastern wing of Syria so long as Turkey stops supporting FSA/jihadi efforts to bring down the present Syrian government.

I suspect that the Turks will try to cheat on this arrangement through covert support to the rebels west and south of Aleppo but they will have a difficult time doing so under the watchful gaze of the Russian aerospace forces and Russian intelligence.

IMO the Turks will seek to manage their relationship with NATO as a hedge against Russian and Iranian potentials as future threats. The NATO and larger US incomprehension of the perfidy of Erdogan’s government will make such an ambiguous duplicity possible.

Erdogan’s primary weapon is refugee invasion:

Merkel sucks and her voters know it:

Black Lives Matter only to Soros’ ambitions for power:

Manufactured Civil Unrest: Leaked Docs Prove The Real Goal Is Federalizing America’s Police

The decline of organized labor in the United States has contributed significantly to wage stagnation and rising inequality.

Bonus Story:

What really killed those reindeer?

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