Quotes Illustrated By Anything But Cute Anime Girls

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ex-Army is under attack by the considerable portion of the pale-skinned right wing that hates anime  with a passion.


You know what?  They have a valid point.


Anime is not a natural symbol of Caucasian persuasion. The male portion of the right wing is composed of guys like Varg Vikernes and Pat Buchanan and Baloo. The female right-wingers … are there any notable female right wingers? I honestly don’t know. I live on the Internet, and there are no girls where I am.

If the European race actually gives a damn about its heritage, it has a hell of a lot of visual art that it could tap.

You can illustrate quotes with any kind of eye-catching visual.

For long-term success, you want to pick something that won’t alienate your supporters or embarrass you.

Cartoons might be embarrassing. For example, Jean Giraud was a genius, but he was explicitly anti-white in his politics. He certainly seemed to abhor white pride. But his visuals were and are genius.

Maybe a pro-white art ought to stick with the literal CLASSICS – as in the Greeks and Romans:

roman sculpture Tellus_-_Ara_Pacis

On the other hand, the pre-Raphelites might be the greatest visual artists that the white race ever produced.


Ex-Army writes that he has options, including:

3. Use different, more serious, illustrations on the memes. I originally rejected this path because I found it boring and very much not eye-catching.


Honestly, if he wants to be in political art, he needs to be flashy enough to get attention. He can’t produce boring art. And even if Ex-Army no longer produces quibcags, there will be plenty of artists who will be subverting “serious” political statements, e.g.:


I think the video linked here is satire. But really, who can tell? Was the original artist seriously trying to propagandize? Was he trying to make a quick buck by selling satire to drunk (latent gay) frat boys?
[In case youtube takes the song down, here’s an explanation of what was linked: it is a light-hearted song that calls for killing gays. It is probably satire, and possibly it is meant to reflect a serious social dissatisfaction with modern media promotion of gays. Satire can be deconstructed and boiled down to a set of sincere claims, but insincere art done for shock value is just schlock value.]
Screenshot of song in case youtube take it down:
cute girl listensScreenshot from 2016-09-03 06-39-17

It all comes down to a question of what crowd you want to attract. Ex-Army is doing this as a public service. He will never make money on this. If you want the vast majority of Yankee cops on your side, you can’t use any art that Yankee cops will hate. If you want the vast majority of Ozzie bogans on your side, you can’t use any art that Ozzie bogans will hate.

The hard problem is that we are not a village, we are not a meat-space community. We are folks on the Internet, and it’s hard to tell which commenters are true neighbors, which commenters are unpaid trolls, and which commenters are government-paid shills.

If you let commenters and linkers drive your blog policy, you will rapidly grow to hate the chore of updating your blog.

As I recently wrote in Ex-Army’s comment section:

The anime-haters are arguing for a good claim, but with an invalid argument. Yes, it is true that Ex-Army could publish better propaganda if he could use non-anime visuals. (E.g. ancient Roman statues, pre-Raphaelites) No, the anime-haters do not have a logical argument about why they hate anime.

Any artistic material will have some haters.

The haters like to claim that anime is favored by actual and potential sex offenders. If I had a stronger stomach I would post frequently about real degenerates who commit actual violence against real children, and point out the lack of a connection to anime.

Because my stomach is not so strong, I will only post three cases here:

Example One of Non-Anime-Related Sex Crime:

Hamilton County, TN — A Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputy was indicted this week after being arrested for child sex crimes for the second time during his career in law enforcement. After he had been put back on the job following an arrest years earlier, this monster was never indicted and allowed to return to duty to strike again.

Deputy John Bruce Spaulding, 49, was indicted by a Hamilton County Grand Jury on six counts of sexual exploitation of a minor following an investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigators.


Example Two of Non-Anime-Related Sex Crime:

A Lowell police officer has been arrested after being accused of impregnating a 14-year-old girl, officials told Channel 9.

Channel 9 reporter Ken Lemon broke the story Wednesday on Twitter and spoke to the girl’s mother. The State Bureau of Investigation is investigating the case.

James Blair was taken into custody Thursday afternoon after being arrested at the teen’s house. SBI agents were there talking to the family when Blair showed up, officials said.


Example Three of Non-Anime-Related Sex Crime:

A former police “Deputy of the Year” in Maine has been indicted for 21 counts of sexual assault against three girls over the past 17 years. His youngest victim was just six-years-old at the time of her assault.

Kenneth L. Hatch III, 46, a decorated veteran deputy with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, was indicted on Tuesday for 10 counts of sexual abuse of a minor, three counts of unlawful sexual contact and eight counts of aggravated furnishing of marijuana, in connection with alleged incidents against three victims, the Bangor Daily News reports.


But suppose Ex-Army were to switch to photos of hawt white nationalist chicks. The haters would claim all white nationalists have prison records. Suppose you switch to pictures of Roman statues. The haters would claim that all the Romans were rapists. Suppose you switch to pre-Raphaelite art. The haters would claim the pre-Raphaelites were all much addicted to unnatural vice.

Some artists are easier to accuse than others. If you accuse W. S.Burroughs of sex with underaged persons, you are probably correct. So don’t use W. S. B. as an icon for your political movement, unless you’re trying to brand yourself as a party of degenerates.

But all artists can be accused of vice, and even abstaining from art altogether won’t save you from being accused of vice.

I like anime, but even if I hated anime, I would still use it to communicate shocking ideas to whites because most whites don’t take anime seriously. You can say shocking things if the character voicing the sentiment is culturally relegated to fantasy-land.

Crow T. Robot famously made this point:

Frustrated people watch escapist TV shows. Frustrated people want power. As an example, Yankees take Superman seriously. You can’t have Lois Lane expressing serious envy for Superman’s powers – that would hit too close to home, it might wake up the sheep. The producers will kill a movie that undermines the power structure of the producers’ culture. But if you make jokes for an hour-long show, you can slip a serious joke in there once or twice per episode. If you are making a silly puppet show, in a culture that thinks puppets are unworthy of serious attention, you can have one of the puppets admit that he is disrespected and powerless, but he wants the power to decide who lives and who dies. You can’t make that joke in Taiwan. Puppets are serious heroes in Taiwan. Parents in Taiwan trust the puppet shows to teach good morality to kids, and if they don’t, there will be immediate reprisals.

Anime can be subversive in the USA only because the majority of Spurdoburgers don’t really have much experience of it. If anime transgresses Spurdoburger morality, the USA doesn’t react quickly enough to defend the mainstream narrative from the shocking transgression.

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