Bayer buys Frankenfoods, NYC dwellers abuse themselves in public, jarhead swindled by cops, everyone is doomed


German pharmaceuticals giant Bayer has agreed to buy American GMO company Monsanto for $128 a share. The acquisition values Monsanto’s equity at about $56 billion, but including debt, the deal is worth nearly $66 billion.

When theplanet has been wrecked and everyone has cancer from eating GMOs, presumably the Bayer executives will have enough money to buy the best anti-cancer therapies … but that won’t fix the planet.

For a refresher on Monsanto’s evil:

Just in case you think that Dr. Frankenstein can control his creations, check and see whether Harvard can fix antibiotic-resistant bugs:

Speaking of Harvard, were you aware that Big Sugar is evil, too?

Sugar industry secretly paid for favorable Harvard research

Did you know the secret police can tap your cellphone?

Were you aware that the USA invaded Afghanistan to increase the amount of opium available on the market?

We you aware that the illegal market in opiates has motivated the development of deadly synthetic opiates that can be produced even without natural opium as a raw material?

Are you still with me, dear reader?

Cue up some Nitzer Ebb and read the headlines with me:

Around one in five corporate bosses are psychopaths – a proportion similar to that among prisoners – according to a new study.

Research conducted by forensic psychologist Nathan Brooks from Bond University found 21 per cent of 261 corporate professionals had clinically significant psychopathic traits.

The people of New York City are masturbating in public so much that the city has to eliminate Internet kiosks.

In an attempt to function on a higher plane than NYC, Russia is banning PornHub:

The Kremlin’s media and Internet watchdog, Roskomnadzor, has ordered Russian ISP’s to block PornHub, the world’s leading porn website.

IP’s and URL’s for PornHub and YouPorn were added to Russia’s Registry of illegal content on May 13th. According to Roskomnadzor, it acted in accordance with a local court decision, which had ruled in May 2016 that PornHub ‘violated the ban on the dissemination of information regarding the production of pornographic materials and paraphernalia’.

Russia’s current laws do not ban the consumption of pornography, although production is illegal.

MOSCOW and Beijing have begun eight days of naval drills involving Chinese bombers, Russian submarines and marines from both navies in the hotly-contested South China Sea.

Later this month, the Russian Anti-Globalization Movement (ADR) will hold its second international symposium ‘dedicated to the construction of a multipolar world’ in Moscow. Political analysts consider what Russia has to gain from the creation of a multipolar world, and whether the country has the resources to take the fight to the globalists.

Jarhead tried to be a cop, got wrecked for not shooting innocent Americans.

A Marine veteran says he was fired from the Weirton, West Virginia Police Department because he did not shoot an armed black man who was looking for “suicide by cop.” Two other officers arrived and killed the man, whose gun was not loaded.

The Israeli government and Facebook have agreed to work together to determine how to tackle incitement on the social media network, a senior Israeli cabinet minister said on Monday.

And you heard that the USA is going to give Israel a minimum of $38 billion, right?

We have previously discussed Jacky Lopez and the “pay to play” DemocRATs.

Now the Yanks are starting to read the Guccifer leaks:

The Guccifer Leak Is Finally Here! Hillary And Dems Are FINISHED

However, the Yanks don’t seem to notice that many of those who pay to play are connected to Israel:

“We have a political system which, unfortunately, encourages pay to play, and people who give big donations are often rewarded with positions in the government,” former Congressman Dennis Kucinich told Radio Sputnik’s By Any Means Necessary. “It really illustrates the defects in our system, where money trumps everything and everything’s for sale.”

“And don’t think for a moment that all of these corporate interests that are honeycombed now into positions in the government aren’t delivering to the corporate interests, from where they came, some form of benefit, in terms of reshaping government policy,” he adds.

In 2012, a 16-year-old was sexually assaulted at a high school party in Steubenville, Ohio. The incident was documented through Instagram photos and tweets by those present, but was covered up by the school.

It was only after a pair of hackers with Anonymous breached a football fan website that the evidence was uncovered and the rapists identified. Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays were sentenced to one and two years in prison, respectively, for the assault.

One of the alleged hackers, however, could serve a significantly longer sentence, because of an antiquated US law.

Deric Lostutter, who pleaded not guilty, could serve up to 16 years behind bars for violating the Reagan-era Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). The law uses vague terminology to forbid unauthorized access to a computer.

The Swedish police force, which has experienced a deep crisis exacerbated by underfunding and the raging migrant crisis, is plagued by severe staffing problems. If personnel loss persists at the current rate, Sweden could lose up to a fifth of its police force, which may render the Nordic country helpless against organized crime and terrorism.

Seaxwulf wrote:

The War of Northern Aggression was a failure of populace to recognise federal posturing. The wicked South did not adhere to social standards, and so they had to be put in line. They were a liability to the illusion of control that needed to arise for a more efficient governance of sheeple to occur. The South was a free-radical. The Grey represents a kind of self-governance and rebellion that a globalist must always despise.

I despise Globalism.

The Confederated States of America represents the story of a working population crushed under the boot of governance and denied self-representation. It is the symbol of State’s Rights. It is the colour of a State denied the right to resist a presidential veto and imposition.

I feel misrepresented by my Government.


A Secret Service guy has some thoughts on the agents protecting Mrs. Mena Arkansas:

Bonus link:

Do you have any interest in Bill Moyers? Some people hate him for hanging with LBJ:

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