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We don’t know any of the Neoreaction guys, but we appreciate their opposition to Cultural Marxism and socialism. Let a hundred flowers bloom. We’ll take all the opposition we can get. Some of these guys are writing intelligent posts exploring issues of concern to anyone who opposes the socialist agenda.

But Neoreaction has a fundamental flaw: Mencius Moldbug. Here we need to make a confession. We have tried to read Moldbug, but we just couldn’t make ourselves do it. We pride ourselves on our research, and everything we offer is documented. But in this case, we’re taking a pass. We tried to read Moldbug but it was just too boring. We would like to add, time is our enemy due to advancing age. There are hundreds of books we would like to read, and we won’t have time to read them all. We don’t have time to waste.

May we wish you a long life and time enough to read all the books you want to read.

With that in mind, we hope that we are representing Moldbug correctly by saying, Moldbug believes Leftism originates in Protestantism and imitates the Protestant “holiness spiral,” where believers seek status by being “holier than thou.” We are picking this up from those who quote Moldbug.

Leftism does not originate in Protestantism. The Enlightenment originates in the writings of the French philosophes, who were Freemasons. Socialism and Communism originate in the Illuminism of the Bavarian Illuminati of 1776. What Moldbug calls the “holiness spiral” is simply adhering to the party line of the moment or a little competition among factions. There is nothing holy to the Left and nothing moral on the Left. We’re surprised the Neoreaction guys have missed the history of the Illuminati because this history is all over the internet. A simple search and a little reading would open up this line of research to them. But we notice the Neoreactionaries don’t use the word “Illuminati,” so we are assuming these guys have missed the boat entirely.

Our aim in this post is to help the Neoreactionaries recognize that the Left is not pursuing Protestant utopianism but occult one-world totalitarianism by offering a little American history to complement our posts on French and German Illuminism.

Reflections and Disquisitions has a post entitled On the (Protestant) Ancestry of Leftism which examines Protestant history from the Moldbug point of view. It is true that some Protestant sects, such as the Anabaptists and the Unitarians, moved their members toward collectivism. This was probably due to Rosicrucian influence on some of the Protestant sects, particularly in Germany. Jesus’ followers were said to hold material things in common, so no outside influence is needed for Christians to think collectively. But these sects did not hold the idea of worldwide revolution to Communist dictatorship. The idea of overthrowing nations through subversion and revolution came from Adam Weishaupt and then was carried through the Carboneiri and masonic lodges. Karl Marx then reiterated Illuminati ideas in his Communist Manifesto and formed the Communist International.

If Leftism was merely small-scale socialism, there wouldn’t be anything to worry about. During the first half of the nineteenth century, small-scale socialism flourished, both Christian and occultist. Most of these experiments died out rather quickly. None of them has offered a legacy that threatens governments or promotes global dictatorship.

Marxism is Illuminism renamed as Communism and has nothing to do with the Anabaptists or other heretical Protestant sects. Marx was a Sabbataean Frankist Jew related to the Sabbataean Frankist Rothschild family. The Western revolutionary agenda, beginning with the French Revolution, originates in Jewish Satanism and was carried out by Freemasonry, primarily French Grand Orient Freemasonry. The Russian Revolution was financed by Jewish bankers associated with the Rothschild banks. None of these revolutionaries was thinking about Protestantism, except maybe how to stamp it out or how to take it over and use it to destroy the Catholic church.

Reflections and Disquisitions believes that small-scale socialist movements before the Protestant Reformation serve as “parallels” with Marxism, but Marxism is not small-scale socialist, it is International Revolution. There are no parallels between small-scale socialism and Marxism. Karl Marx denounced small-scale socialism as “infantile.”

If you are looking for precursors to Illuminism, you can find them in the occult utopian literature of the Rosicrucians, the organizational dogmas of the Jesuits, and some small occult organizations, generally called Theosophy, devoted to magical practices and conjuring of spirits. Modern Illuminism appears to take some of its beliefs and practices from Sufi Illuminism, but it is mainly based on the Cabala and dominated by the idea of Jewish messianism, and it is definitely not utopian in intent. The intent is for the wealthy Jews to enslave the Gentile masses. Socialist propaganda is designed to appeal to idealistic, utopian aspirations to ensnare the naive to provide an army for revolution.

The secularism of Edward Bellamy is irrelevant to the real history of the Left. The German university system, out of which Bellamy presumably drew his doctrines, was dominated by illuminated professors. Illuminism spread through “reading societies” at German universities and dominated German intellectual life. Many prophets of the New World Order, including Bertrand Russell and H.G. Wells and Aldous Huxley, were far more influential than Bellamy. The Carboneiri were active in Europe and in America organizing revolutions and shaping policies, cooperating with Albert Pike and various Rothschild agents during the nineteenth century.

Transnationalism did not originate following World War II with Harvey Cox. The original French and German Illuminati were devoted to conquering every nation to form a global New World Order and a Great Society. The Communist International was masonic globalism. The League of Nations was masonic globalism. Russian Communism was masonic globalism. Franklin Roosevelt was a masonic globalist. The United Nations is masonic globalism. The international masonic associations that formed in the nineteenth century were globalist. They formed a global intelligence agency and default global government before the League of Nations was formed. When it did take form, the masons simply stepped forward into public positions.

Protestantism was taken over over by Illuminism in the mid-1800s. That is why the official governing bodies of Protestantism support globalism. Hurlock’s “super-Protestantism” is simply Illuminism now imposed on the Protestants from their national councils, such as the National Council of Churches. The most important globalist actors of recent history, such as Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, were not “super-Protestants,” or any kind of Protestant. They were Illuminated Rosicrucian Freemasons. Franklin Roosevelt put the pyramid symbol on the $1 bill because he was Illuminati, not because he was a Protestant.

For more on the masonic takeover of Protestant Christianity, see:

Are American evangelical organizations Illuminati fronts?

How the New World Order is Using the Christian Churches and their Pastors to Destroy Christianity

Critical Theory did not infest American universities because it had some similarity to Protestantism. American universities were infiltrated by Communist professors before World War II, and they were well on their way to expelling all the Protestant professors by the time Critical Theory came along. The Rockefeller and Carnegie and Ford think-tanks and foundations had a lot to do with placing Communist professors and administrators at the highest levels of the best American universities and introducing pro-socialist curricula.

Frank Wunder at Renegade Tribune has a two-parter entitled The Jews Behind Neoreaction. Part 1. Part 2. This piece exposes the Moldbug agenda as deflecting attention from the historical role of the Jews.

Age of Treason has more on the same topic.

We have always wondered at the strange terminology of Neoreaction. Dark enlightenment? What the hell is that? Cathedral? Huh? Thanks Frank Wunder for pointing out how the Neoreactionaries got cucked by Jew Moldbug.

Frank Wunder and Age of Treason debunk Mencius Moldbug’s false “Protestant” history of the Left, but they don’t counter Moldbug’s false narrative with true history. So we’ll come in here to help the cause.

A great deal happened in America between the Pilgrim landing at Plymouth Rock and the adoption of the Constitution. Elite occult families immigrated from Europe and formed an intellectual upper class. They were mainly concerned with business interests, but they held occult doctrines. Christians were marginalized by the late 1700s by Deists, masons, Jews, and Illluminati such as Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin, the leaders of the revolution. Franklin and Jefferson were illuminated in Paris. The American Revolution was organized within Freemasonry. Freemasonry was dominated by Jews in America as in Europe.

The following quotes will clarify the influence of Freemasonry and Illuminism in early American history:

“Masonry made its way among the important men, among the intellectuals and the most intelligent of the upper middle class. It spread over the United States with the same success. Philadelphia had its lodge in 1727, Boston in 1733, Georgia in 1734, South Carolina in 1735, etc. In Europe, Paris had its first lodge in 1725, but Florence had to wait until 1733, Hamburg till 1737, Berlin, 1740, and St. Petersburg, 1771. America wasn‘t behind the times.”

From Bernard Fay, Franklin, the Apostle of Modern Times, 1929, p. 145.

“The first accepted freemason that came to America was John Skene, who arrived in Burlington, New Jersey in 1682. This is told in official freemason records, but the first non-labourer to become a member of a masonic guild in America was the Jew Abram Moses of Rhode Island in the year 1656. Dutch extremist Jews founded their magic lodge in Newport, Rhode Island, as early as 1658 (Viktor Ostretsov, “Freemasonry, Culture, and Russian History”, Moscow, 1999, p. 603). These facts are too sensitive to be mentioned officially, but the secret history must be revealed.

“Estienne (Stephen) Morin, the French extremist Jew who appeared as a masonic leader in Great Britain, founded the political freemasonry in America. His followers were other masonic Jews such as Moses Michael Hays (1739-1805), Henry Andrews Francken, Bernard M. Spitzer, Isaac Dacosta (1798-1860), and Moses Cohen.

“There is also a reference from 1658 concerning the arrival at Newport, Rhode Island of fifteen Jewish families of Dutch origin bringing with them the three first degrees of freemasonry.

“Moses Hays started in Newport, Rhode Island, and Charleston a masonic core group of cabbalistic Jews, who had become millionaires in the Negro slave trade, among them were the Lopez and de Leon families. Hays was himself a banker. All these people would soon plunge into the opium trade. These elements formed the Scottish Rite in the United States. Only prominent individuals were accepted.

“Already from the start fundamentalist Jews were actively involved in spreading freemasonry in America. The Jewish freemason Samuel Oppenheim’s book “The Jews and Masonry in the United States before 1810” (American Jewish Historical Society, 1910) proves this.

“Extremist masonic Jews wished to play the leading role. The Spanish extremist Jew Salomon Pinto became a member of the Hiram lodge in New York in 1763. Two years later he was already master of the chair. The banker Moses Seixas founded in Newport, Rhode Island, the Jewish lodge King David in the 1780s and became the first grand master of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island (1791-1800). All of the members were Jews.

“Other leading masonic Jews were: H. Blum (grand master of the grand lodge) in Mississippi, Jacob Lampert in Missouri, Nathan Vascher in Texas, Benjamin Jacob in Alabama, and Max Meierhardt in Georgia. As grand master of the grand lodge, Meierhardt, was also the publisher of The Masonic Herald. The extremist Jew Edwin Mark was grand master in Louisiana the years 1879-1880 (Viktor Ostretsov, “Masonry, Culture, and Russian History”, Moscow, 1999, p 604). Well-known Jewish grand masters were Solomon Bush in Pennsylvania, Joseph Myers in Maryland and later in South Carolina, Abraham Forst in Philadelphia in 1781, and Solomon Jacobs in Virginia in 1810. At least 51 Jews became grand masters. Also many orthodox rabbis participated in the masonic movement in the United States.

“The extremist Jew Moses Hays was one of those that as early as 1768 spread the Scottish Rite in America. He was deputy inspector general of freemasonry for North America in 1768, and grand master of Massachusetts from 1788 to 1792. Paul Revere in Boston was deputy grand master under him.

“J. J. Lanier shows in his article ‘Jewish Masons in the American Revolution’ (The Oklahoma Mason, December 1924) that the Jewish freemasons played a very important role in the American Revolution.

“The most fanatical masonic Jew was, however, Isaac Long, grand master of the lodge in Charleston, South Carolina (Alexander Selyaninov, “The Secret Power of Freemasonry”, Moscow, 1999, p. 119). In 1795, Long went to Europe and returned six years later with the statue of the idol Baphomet in his luggage. All masons in Charleston had to begin worshipping this awful monster. In addition Long brought de Molay’s skull and ashes, which thereafter were kept in Charleston. After Pike’s death in 1891, the Baphomet statue was sent to Rome (Oleg Platonov, “Russia’s Crown of Thorns: The Secret History of Freemasonry 1731-1996”, Moscow, 2000, Volume I, p. 158).

“Isaac Long also brought with him from Europe the idea to introduce the 33-degree system in America, which he also called the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The first great constitutions were signed in Charleston on 31 May 1801 (Domenico Margiotta, “Adriano Lemmi”, Grenoble, 1894).

“In 1859, Long’s position was taken over by the cabbalist Albert Pike, who began a close relationship with the Illuminati leader Giuseppe Mazzini in Italy.

“The foremost lodge in America, St. John Lodge, was founded on 24 June 1731 in Philadelphia. From Philadelphia and Boston (its lodge was founded 30 July 1733) freemasonry spread all over America. As early as 1732 Daniel Coxe, first masonic grand master in America, proposed creating a confederation between the English colonies in America. The masons wanted to create a new, multiethnic society and an executive base for its international activities.

“The mother lodge in London began encouraging the masons in the American colonies to conspire and agitate against British rule. After having been forced to abolish interest-free money, the colonists faced enormous economic difficulties. The freemasons provoked war between the British and the French, which in turn caused even greater financial problems for England. The British government therefore introduced even higher taxes in the American colonies. This policy was proposed in London by masonic advisers, of course. Because of the American opposition, when the economic situation had severely worsened, the new taxes were repealed — except those on tea.

“St. Andrew’s lodge in Boston usually had its meetings at The Green Dragon in the north of the city. The leading figures Paul Revere, John Hancock, and Joseph Warren used the British decision in 1773 of barring the colonists from the tea trade as a pretext to start their revolt. The British had put a 3 % tax on all tea, which irritated many colonists. Warren later became grand master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and a leading radical in Boston. The British managed to murder him. Even in official masonic history it is admitted that the Boston Tea Party was planned and executed by St. Andrew’s lodge and Loyal Nine in Boston. The Bradlee brothers in St. Andrew’s came up with the idea. The operation, however, was directed by the masonic elite in London.

All quotes above from Juri Lina, Architects of Deception, pp. 188-191.


“When Benjamin Franklin, who was of Jewish extraction, travelled to France to be honoured by the French State following the American Revolution, he was received by the Lodge of Perfection in Paris, the most famous of all the French Secret Orders. His name, written in his own hand, is to be found in their record ledger, close to that of the Marquis de Lafayette. According to Manly P. Hall, writing in ‘The Secret Destiny of America’, ‘Franklin spoke for the Order of the Quest, and most of the men who worked with him in the early days of the American Revolution were also members. The plan was working out, the New Atlantis was coming into being, in accordance with the program laid down by Francis Bacon a hundred and fifty years earlier. The rise of American democracy was necessary to a world program’ (25). Here, then, we have the confirmation that the United States is a Rosicrucian, and therefore Kabbalistic, creation, built upon the foundation of the Christian Colonies, the Christian tradition of which it usurped: hence the US legal prohibition of the teaching of religion (i.e., Christianity) in state schools’.

From Christopher Story, The New Underworld Order, p. 282

“Sir Francis Bacon’s Kabbalistic secret Society of the Rosie Cross ‘was set up in America before the middle of the 17th century’, according to Manly P. Hall, so that by the time of the American Revolution, the True Christian basis of the Colonies had been severely compromised by this Babylonian-occult infusion. ‘Bacon himself had given up all hope of bringing his dream to fruition in his own country, and he concentrated his attention on rooting it in the New World [HENCE the slogan-phrase: ‘New World Order’]. He made sure that the American colonists were thoroughly indoctrinated with the [Illuminati’s seemingly innocuous] principles of religious tolerance, political democracy, and of social equality. Through carefully appointed representatives, the machinery of democracy [which the Illuminists need to install in order to be able to manipulate the ‘mechanistic’ dialectical ‘opposite’ forces that they create – Ed.] was set up at least a hundred years before the period of the Revolutionary War’ (28).

…”And the German dimension manifested itself from a very early stage, revealing that the German branch of Kabbalistic sorcery and Illuminism was engaged in America from the late 17th century onwards. Given this background, it is no longer hard to understand how it has come to pass that German Illuminism has such a brutal stranglehold within the US official, corporate and financial sector structures. ‘One example’, Hall explains, ‘will illustrate the trend. About 1690, the German Pietist theologian, Magistar Johannes Kelpius, sailed for America with a group of followers all of whom practiced mystical and esoteric rites. These Pietists settled in Pennsylvania and their descendants still flourish in Lancaster County. Kelpius for some years lived as an Anchorite in a cave located in what is now Fairmont Park, Philadelphia. The Pietists brought with them the writings of the German Jewish mystic, Jacob Boehme, books on magic, astrology, alchemy, and the Kabbalah’. The Rosicrucians first emerged in 14th century Germany, long before Bacon hijacked their occult fantasies.” Story, p. 284

“A Lodge at Albany, New York, was transmitting reports to Berlin, the seat of the Prussian Monarchy, as early as 1770. It is clear that the Prussians were using the New World’s burgeoning Masonic network for espionage operations, and were employing Jews for that purpose. Pope Clement XII had excommunicated Freemasons as early as 1738. But the Jewish Masons, who obviously did not belong to the Catholic Church, continued promoting the cult in the United States in pursuit of their secret Kabbalistic agenda.

“On 15th May 1781, at a convention of Deputy-Inspectors called by Hays and Meyers at Philadelphia, Moses Cohen was named Deputy Inspector of Jamaica, as Francken, originally appointed by Stephen Morin to found Lodges there, had neglected his mandate. It was not long before another Jewish Freemason, Hyman Isaac Long, the son of a Dutch writer called Isaac Long, arrived in Jamaica, having derived his ‘powers’ from Morin. In addition to Francken, Hays, and Moses Cohen, there was another prominent Jewish Mason associated with them at the time, called Spitzer. All seemed to be bent on spreading (anti-Christian) Masonry in North America, as though motivated by the ‘seething powers’ of Lucifer, and driven by them to cut short the Christian heritage of the earlier American fathers. Thus the claims of Samuel Oppenheim concerning the importance of Jews within early U.S. Masonry, cited on pages 274-276, are indisputable.

“Isaac Long found his scope for action (subversion) too restricted in Jamaica, so he moved to Charleston, South Carolina, on the 33rd parallel. While the Mother Lodge at Boston failed to prosper, Long created other Lodges and brought in other rites (such as Royal Arch) under obedience to the Mother Lodge at Charleston. In 1775, Isaac Long travelled back to Europe, and did not return to the United States for six years. When he reappeared, he was clutching a plan to create a 33rd Degree rite, which he had developed while in Europe. He presided over the constitution of this rite, aided by the following further Jewish Masons: Dr Frederick Dalcho, Abraham Alexander, Isaac Auld and Emanuel de la Motta, all of whom were Sovereign Princes of Jerusalem, a title they had received from the Grand Master in Europe when receiving instructions to found Lodges abroad. According to Domenico Margiotta (also of Jewish extraction), ‘he [Long] constituted this rite, taking twenty-five Degrees of the system of Heredom, six Templar grades in which were merged four Degrees (the 9th, 10th, 11th and 21st Degrees) borrowed from the German Illuminism of Adam Weishaupt, and two grades called Grades of Administration, the last of which supplanted the function of Deputy Inspector (Sovereign Prince of Jerusalem); and took the title of Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33rd and last Degree. This was his crowning achievement [sic]. Isaac Long gave the institution the name of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rites, and the first great constitutions were signed at Charleston on May 31st 1801’.

“Isaac Long was succeeded by Albert Pike as Sovereign Commander Grand Master: so Pike inherited all the consolidated workings and rites of his Jewish colleagues and predecessors. In Chapter 17 of her book ‘Occult Theocrasy’, Lady Queenborough states unequivocally that the ‘Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (America)’ and the ‘Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (England)’, founded 1761 is ‘of Jewish origin and has 33 Degrees’.”

All quotes above from Christopher Story, The New Underworld Order, page 298.

Illuminism in America spread from the influence of many illuminated sources, too numerous to mention here. Elite families of the Eastern establishment (the brahmins) carried Cabala, conjuring of spirits, and old-fashioned European witchcraft to the New World. One center of illuminated occultism was Harvard University, followed by Yale, mirroring the occult influence of Oxford University in England. For one example, the Herberts (think George Bush) were related to alchemist Rosicrucian Thomas Vaughan. Greenwich, Connecticut was settled by associates of Thomas Vaughan. German Rosicrucianism also entered Pennsylvania through the Ephrata commune, which had an occult library later taken by Benjamin Franklin. Unitarians and Anabaptists were part of this mix and undoubtedly played some small role in supporting the revolution, but Franklin, Jefferson, and the Marquis de Lafayette led the revolution. They were initiated into illuminated Freemasonry in France.

Tracing the history of Illuminati influence in colonial America is difficult because the Freemasons hide their history, and family to family or family to friend relationships spreading occultism are difficult to document. A couple of books can get you started on this search, if you are interested, with some basic information about America’s elite families:

Steven Sora, Secret Societies of America’s Elite

Fritz Springmeier, Bloodlines of the Illuminati

Christian heretics are probably the least important influence on the Left, which is globalist socialist/Communist and big capitalist big bank totalitarian. There are undoubtedly Unitarian socialists and New Age occultists who remain idealistic about the Left’s sometimes utopian propaganda or even think small scale. They are simply Stalin’s “useful idiots.”

For more on the occult origins of America, see Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings.

Keep on reactin’.

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