How will the families of the future manage their resources? Patriarchy? Religion? Race?

I wanted to write a tongue-in-cheek article about marijuana making you stupid, and I got distracted by a whites-only food bank in Glasgow, and inevitably, I ended up pondering the depths of political economy. This kind of thing happens to me a lot.

I might try to predict the future political economy of the family unit as related to controversial goods such as marijuana.

Now, some people argue that marijuana does a lot of good, and one collection of research is at:

For 5 millennia, Cannabis sativa has been used throughout the world medically, recreationally, and spiritually. As a folk medicine marijuana has been “used to treat an endless variety of human miseries,” although typically under the aegis of strict cultural controls, according to DuPont. The first medical use probably occurred in Central Asia and later spread to China and India.


But a lot of people hate marijuana.

The folks at The Right Stuff hate marijuana.

There might be a little bit of actual science to their arguments:


The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) published a 2012 study called “Persistent Cannabis Users Show Neuropsychological Decline from Childhood to Midlife.” This research found that smoking dope permanently lowers intelligence. Frequent pot smokers (even those who had given up grass) tended to have deficits in memory, concentration and overall IQ.

IQ is a bad measurement, but we have to make do with it until we design a better test.

But a lot of their arguments are less impressive than that. For example:

a 2016 study called “Persistent Cannabis Dependence and Alcohol Dependence Represent Risks for Midlife Economic and Social Problems, A Longitudinal Cohort Study,” which examined the association between marijuana use and dependence, assessed between ages 18 and 38, and economic and social problems at age 38. Per the study, “Study members with regular cannabis use and persistent dependence experienced downward socioeconomic mobility, more financial difficulties, workplace problems, and relationship conflict in early midlife.”

That strikes me as unconvincing. People with economic problems are likely to dull their pain efficiently, and marijuana is efficient. The direction of causation is probably that poverty causes marijuana use, not the other way around.

The kicker is at the end:

Some will say this isn’t important, as we have more critical issues facing the White race. Sure, that’s true, marijuana consumption isn’t necessarily mission critical. However, our race is beset by a host of pestilences, from mass foreign immigration to abortion to the pervasive and perverse modern pop culture. All of these harmful elements need to be stamped out.

Ultimately, though, you’re not going to be saving the White race with a joint in your hand.

The fact is that marijuana might suit the white temperament more than alcohol does. But for the next fifty years, if you’re white, you’re part of a struggle for the survival of the white gene pool. And even if the gene pool wins by surviving, there is no guarantee that your genes will be part of it. If you’re a white man, and you sacrifice your personal interests for the white race, it’s not likely that you will get to pass on your genes. It’s more likely that other people will exploit you, and you will die childless.

It’s not just the evil Yankees who want to stamp out marijuana. If you’re a white, and you figure that you can just move to Russia and make the white gene pool great again, you’re going to have to do it without marijuana. Putin and his fellows don’t like hedonism and degeneracy, and they see no good cause to allow marijuana.

Marijuana use is bad for the state. Marijuana users make bad soldiers and they sometimes raise inconvenient political ideas. So if you’re starting an army, or a gang, or a whites-only food bank, you don’t want potheads in your ranks.

Speaking of whites-only nationalist groups, I might try to predict the future political economy (and domestic economy) of white family units as a function of ethno-nationalism.


A Neo-Nazi group which celebrates the evil concentration camp crimes of Dr Josef Mengele is publicizing a PR stunt in which it set up a food bank in Glasgow, Scotland, for “whites only.”

National Action, who recently held a ‘Miss Hitler’ contest, teamed up with a Polish fascist group to run a “whites only” food bank for homeless people on Saturday night.

Anti-racism campaigners accused the fascist group of taking advantage of vulnerable people in a bid to spread a campaign of hate and division.

Are these guys going to end up with families and children of their own? I doubt it.

Probably they are going to end up sacrificing their personal interests for the movement, and they are going to suffer in the hope that the white gene pool will continue, but they are probably going to have less reproductive success than Varg Vikernes.

Who is Varg Vikernes?


Varg Vikernes has a wife and a family. His wife sometimes makes films like ForeBears, which depicts and alternate vision of the future of the white gene pool:

In practical, common-sense, mainstream terms, who does the public think Varg is?


Varg Vikernes… founded the one-man music project Burzum in 1991. Two years later, he was convicted of murder and arson, subsequently serving 15 years of his prison sentence.

In 1991, he founded Burzum and became part of the early Norwegian black metal scene. In 1992, he was allegedly involved in burning down at least three Christian churches in Norway, along with other members of the scene. By early 1993, Vikernes had recorded four albums as Burzum and another with fellow black metal band Mayhem. In May 1994, Vikernes was sentenced to 21 years for the murder of Mayhem guitarist Øystein ‘Euronymous’ Aarseth and for the arson of churches. He maintains that he killed in self-defense and denied responsibility for the church arsons, though he supported them.

During his time in prison he became affiliated with the Heathen Front and had several writings on Germanic paganism published. He also recorded and released two electronic albums as Burzum. Having served almost 15 years of his sentence, Vikernes was released on parole in early 2009. He settled in France with his wife and children, where he continued releasing music and writing. Through his writings he promotes a neo-völkisch ideology which he calls “Odalism”, based on the idea that Europeans should re-adopt native European values, including elements of traditional paganism. He advocates nationalism for all people, particularly white nationalism, nordicism, social conservatism, and survivalism.

Most white men simply do not have the requisite level of personal skills to imitate Varg.

Even if a white man were equal to Varg in personal talent, many such men would die in prison without any chance of parole.

Varg apparently has a vision for the future political economy of the white gene pool. I don’t think his vision is going to become reality on a large scale, but it might. Varg’s type of religion might be able to make converts on purely emotional grounds, regardless of theological claims, lack of miracles, etc. By contrast, many Christian churches are incompetent authoritarian organizations that end up producing a vast number of white people who hate Christianity and want revenge against it. (Think of all the anti-Christian bigots you have met. Try to estimate the percentage of them that were coerced into Christianity when they were young, with the long-term effect of causing them to hate Christianity when they grew up. Apostasy is usually caused by incompetent church leaders and unworthy congregations.)

I can safely predict that in the whole world, there has been only one Varg, and there will only be one Varg until the end of time. That’s a trivial prediction. It doesn’t tell us anything about the political economy (and domestic economy) of the white family unit.

What are the alternatives?

The white gene pool probably cannot survive prolonged periods of “multiculturalism.” In all likelihood, white genes in multicultural societies would be absorbed into other gene pools sooner rather than later.

It remains to be seen whether whites would embrace genetically isolated nationalism. It seems likely that whites would prefer civic nationalism, and thus the white gene pool would probably go extinct slowly. Formerly white nations in Europe might be able to survive for centuries without white genes.

If the white gene pool manages to reproduce without being overwhelmed by other gene pools, it might survive a prolonged period of nationalism and isolation. A multipolar world dominated by China would probably not be oriented toward wiping out whites – it would probably be oriented toward enriching the top tier of Chinese society. I cannot imagine how whites would adapt to such a world. Would they embrace eugenics openly, as the Chinese already have?

Eugenics would need some fanatical theocratic approach to make it feasible. The Chinese effectively have a state-sponsored religion. The Chinese might be able to make eugenics work – the results might seem dystopian to us. (The Chinese version of “theocracy,” i.e. neo-Confucian statism, seems to be much more suited to statecraft than any form of Christian authoritarianism. However, it might happen that incompetent Chinese authoritarians might produce heretical children who resent authority just as much as apostate Christians.)


If whites embrace eugenics, the white gene pool might survive, but would white culture survive? Historically, whites have been predisposed toward monogamy. Could monogamy survive in a dystopian society oriented toward culling the weak? I doubt it, but I’ve been wrong about many other things.

Could Christian nationalism resurge in the white gene pool? In the short run, it seems like a very accessible strategy. In practice, Christianity has been coopted in the past; even if Christian politics were to surge and fight off the Islamic encroachment, would it be hollowed out from the inside and used by highly ambitious, highly un-Christian power-seekers?

Scientific eugenics seem culturally poisonous to me. If we start analyzing genes, we might be predisposed to look at human bodies at genetic machinery. That doesn’t rule out Christianity, but it might destroy the old-fashioned myths of Christian “chivalry.”


I don’t spend a lot of time planning for the future of a Christian society. If there are no miracles in Christianity, then its claims are false and we might as well be Buddhists. If there are miracles in Christianity, then those miracles can appear without warning and disrupt our planned scenarios.

My own prognostications are so limited that it doesn’t take a miracle to throw off my calculations. For example, years ago, I thought that the price of oil would stay high and Venezuela would join hands with a Brazil led by Rousseff. Now Venezuela is starving and Rousseff is out of power.

There are a lot of disenfranchised white people who are willing to do weird things. Some of these things seem utopian, like data havens in Iceland:

Despite Iceland’s earlier resistance to international bankers, this emphasis on data privacy was not predicted.

Some of these things seem dystopian, like prominent data pirates allegedly murdering their sex partners and allegedly committing suicide:

>The suicide of the Berlin Pirate politician was apparently preceded by a serious crime!

>As the BILD reports, Claus-Brunner reportedly abused and killed a man. According to initial details, the victim was born in 1987. Police report that the man was killed by blunt force trauma to the upper body.

>It is currently assumed that Claus-Brunner killed the man in the latter’s apartment in Wedding and then dragged the corpse into his own apartment.

>There Claus-Brunner committed suicide. The exact time of suicide remains unknown. Details from B.Z. suggest he died from an electric shock.

>The corpses of both men were discovered on Monday in Claus-Brunner’s apartment.


Despite eccentric behavior, these untimely deaths were not predicted.

In summary, our best predictions are always overtaken by unforeseen events. Thus I cannot predict how the families of the future will manage their resources.

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