Nobody really knows how bad the DeutscheBank situation will get

Deutsche Bank AG shares rebounded Friday after hitting new multiyear lows earlier


Stocks Dump As Deutsche Doubts Drum Up 2008 Dread:

Major Dollar Shortage Exposed In Europe As Deutsche Bank Contagion Spreads:

Ghost of Lehman Haunts Deutsche Bank:

“It All Has A Very 2008 Feel To It” – For Deutsche Bank, The News Just Keeps Getting Worse:

Deutsche Bank Has Plenty of Liquidity Amid Stress, Analysts Say: ← LIE pushes up the price a little.

Deutsche shares recover after CEO reassures on stability: ← LIE pushes up the price a little.

This Is The Rumor Causing The Spike In Deutsche Bank Shares: ← PUMP the price up a bit

Deutsche Bank shares bounce back into red after slump: ← REALITY CEOs dump their shares.

Germany Says No Bailouts for Deutsche Bank or Any Other Struggling Lenders:

As Europe’s Dollar Shortage Intensifies, Funding Pressure Surges Most In 4 Years:

This Is How Much Liquidity Deutsche Bank Has At This Moment, And What Happens Next:

Deutsche Bank CEO Writes Memo To Employees, Blames “Speculators”, Confirms Liquidity Flight:

Largest Dutch Bank To Fire Thousands:

Global Stocks Slide As Deutsche Bank Fears Rise: Flight To Safety Boosts Bonds, Bullion:

Largest Dutch Bank To Fire Thousands:

The Run Begins: Deutsche Bank Hedge Fund Clients Withdraw Excess Cash:

BofA Stunned By Record VIX Roundtrip; Fears “Fragile Market”:

Deutsche Bank Is Now Smaller Than Twitter:

Pain Spreads To Germany’s Second Biggest Bank: Commerzbank Scraps Dividend, Fires 20% Of Workforce:

Janet Yellen On The Fed Buying Stocks: “Maybe In The Future, Down The Line…”:

Bank Of England Governor Warns Of ZIRP/QE “In Perpetuity”:

Stocks Soar After French Press “Confirm” Deutsche Bank Near Settlement With DOJ: ← RUMORS to pump the price

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