EK launches a multi-part series, and I ruminate on the internal conflict of the alt-right: “Get busy living or get busy dying”


I had thought that Erudite Knight had stopped blogging. In fact, apparently he had been slowing down, but he’s cranking his output back up now, and he’s producing high-energy original content.

I have not wanted to delve into the various internal conflicts of the “alt-right,” but EK has taken a deep dive, starting at:


and the deep dive will continue.

The alt-right initially does not seem to be much different from mainstream USA culture, because both mainstream Spurdos and alt-right Spurdos frequently resort to the same refrain: KILL YOURSELF.

That’s like saying “Hello, nice weather” in Spurdoburger. That’s like the basic greeting to a stranger.

I tried talking to a veteran USA “warfighter” once and he had no patience for complaints. He quoted “Cool Hand Luke” to me: “Get busy living or get busy dying.” He mentioned that the movie was one of the few sources of entertainment available during his stint in the ranks. He was going for plausible deniability, but in context, what he meant was: “People who complain are a drain on my resources. I’m busy living. I don’t care if you die, but I would rather see you dead than listen to your complaints.”

Now, this warfighter was a sucker. For reasons too complicated to explain at present, any effort he made to live would be exploited by the higher ranks. He KNEW that he would get a few scraps and his officers would steal the main profits of his efforts. So in context, he was saying, “I am content with the scraps from the table. I am happy to serve those bandits. Either embrace servitude like mine, or get out of my way.”

It’s similar to the slogan of many looters: “Lead, follow or get out of the way.”

Think of a typical Spurdoburger at a riot, looting a television from a store.

You can tell him: “Hey, stealing is wrong.”

He will sneer in reply: “Lead, follow, or get out of the way. This is what the mob does, and we are the mob. Show a little enterprise and grit. Take responsibility for making your own life better (by doing as the mob does) and stop criticizing the mob.”

A recent conversation on 8ch read:


I seek your aid in helping to debate nihilism, hedonism, anti-natalism and other “life = meaningless” ideologies.

From some stocks argument, they will ask

– why does [something I care about be it race, children, properties] matter to them?

– why should they do it?

– why should they care?

At that point, I cannot force them to care so I can only concede the argument.


Ask them if life doesn’t matter why don’t they kill themselves? Whatever reason they give, you spin it as a reason to live and argue if that reason wasn’t so, they have no reason to not suicide immediately either


This technique is great for brow-beating young warfighters. Warfighter recruits are disqualified if they show any willingness to commit suicide. To be a warfighter is to swear allegiance to attempted self-preservation. To prove to a warfighter that some course of action is suicidal is to prove that it is unacceptable to warfighters.

There are various problems with this culture.

It doesn’t even work on warfighters. USA warfighters kill themselves often.
A later post addresses Hintjens, Mannings, and statistics on warfighter suicides.

But when this culture gets broadly and carelessly applied, it becomes Spurdoburger idiocy, in which the response to any disagreement is “KILL YOURSELF” and pretty soon, the greeting to every stranger is “KILL YOURSELF.”

So that is my impression of the alt-right: It’s a big tent, with Christians, Klansmen, Asatru-pagans, Spurdoburger veterans, NEETs, guys like Fred Brennan, guys like Aaron Clarey – and the USA hates all of them and wants all of them to become a permanent underclass. But they don’t love each other. They are not coherent.

If you want to succeed, you need a smaller tribe. You can decide, for example, that you worship Odin, and that you will not accept anyone who gets in the way of Odin-worship. You can form a little gang of Odin-worshippers. You can try to talk to other right-wingers, but a lot of them are Spurdoburgers who will tell you to kill yourself. That gang will sometimes benefit from the success of “big tent” right-wing groups. But the right-wing Christians, obviously, are never going to love your Odin-worship. And for your part, you will probably never love their Christian ways.

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One Response to EK launches a multi-part series, and I ruminate on the internal conflict of the alt-right: “Get busy living or get busy dying”

  1. Rex May says:

    Me, I’m torn between the Odinists and the right-wing Christians. Both have their good points.


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