Not enough financiers, not enough fusileers: The USA can’t put a teenager with rifle in every country on the planet


The early days of USA militarism saw very generous payouts from the financiers to the fusileers.

The USA used to send actual gunboats up the rivers of less-technological countries. The idea was that the local didn’t own their land if the USA could put a teenaged warfighter with a rifle on it. Those were the days of fusileers and freebooters – the guy with the most rifles and battleships owned the world. (And that guy usually was a subject of the British Crown, so there was a lot of ethical rambling to justify rampant inequality.)

Of course, the locals didn’t automatically learn English and start following orders. They had to be waterboarded. Examples had to be made. The tall poppies had to be executed publicly.


Some of the most fortunate fusileers got to be freebooters – and some time I need to write about those long-lost, chaotic days of banditry.

The locals were not so stupid as to believe this was for their own good, regardless how how much Kipling smote ‘is bloomin’ lyre while singing about the White Man’s Burden.

The Indians were conquered without sending any word to anyone else. But he rest of the world – Mexico, the Philippines, the Caribbean – they were already connected to the rest of the world. They were able to write letters and telegrams to just about everyone else saying, “Hey, we are getting waterboarded here.” Fusileers can get photographed by busy-bodies and muck-rakers.

Fusileers are not very subtle. The rich string-pullers with Cecil-Rhodes-levels of money felt it was necessary to build global capitalism in a way that did not rely on visible means like rifles and waterboarding.


For one thing, World War One happened, and there were too many fusileers – alive and dead – to pay for. The financiers paid them very little and swindled them at every opportunity. There was not enough moral panic, so Prohibition was instated to make ordinary people into an underclass. The heroes of this age were not the fusileers, but the racketeers. (And at this point, the center of gravity was already shifting away from the UK to the USA, so the ethical rambling was pseudo-Puritan moral panic with affectations of egalitarian rights.)

Quite soon afterward, the game got more subtle. The old-fashioned bankers who had run Europe and the Federal Reserve got harder to identify – they sent out economic hit men to try to bribe their way into foreign countries so that fusileers wouldn’t be necessary.

Incidentally, worldwide police forces wer becoming more and more sophisticated. The police of the 20th century USA were learning from their enemies, and learning from tyrants, and internal repression was getting built alongside external repression.

There was a lot of crossover between the various external and internal tyranny.

I get confused trying to track which guys ran Operation Phoenix, and which guys ran COINTELPRO, and which guys ran Operation Condor. They all cooperated with their fellow fusileers, to serve the financiers.

So nowadays, we have the internal repression in the USA:

And we have the fusileers working for Duterte to kill druggies. Theoretically, the financiers should be strengthened with every druggie that Duterte kills. Because Duterte is just an extension of the USA, and the USA is just an extension of the financiers, right?

But wait. The Western bankers believed too much of their own publicity. They believed that all the Easterners were illiterates. It turns out that Asians are smart enough to read and write and count, which is just how smart you have to be to lend out money.

PCR wrote:

When will the neoconservative chant begin: “Duterte must go”? Or will the CIA assassinate him?

President Rodrigo Duterte has indicated that he intends a more independent foreign policy. He has announced upcoming visits to China and Russia, and his foreign minister has declared that it is time for the Philippines to end its subservience to Washington. In this sense, regime change has already occurred.

Duterte has suspended military maneuvers with the US. His defense minister said that the Philippines can get along without US military aid and prefers cooperation over conflict with China.

Duterte might simply be trying to extract a larger pay-off from Washington, but he had better be careful. Washington will not let Duterte move the Philippines into the Chinese camp.

Unless, of course, Washington has bitten off more than it can chew in the Middle East, Africa, South America, Ukraine, Russia and China and is too occupied elsewhere to deal with the Philippines. Still, Duterte would do well to request a praetorian guard from China.

The view is spreading in Asia that the American era is over, wrecked by disastrous US economic and foreign policies. The rise of Russia and China has birthed what William Engdahl calls the Eurasian Century.

Now Engdahl is a China cheerleader, so take what he says with a bucket of salt, and then pick it apart and disagree with it, but some of what he writes is fact. PCR links him at:

Let me pause and disagree with Engdahl:

I recently returned from a fascinating two week speaking tour in China. The occasion was the international premier of my newest book, One Belt, One Road–China and the New Eurasian Century.

So Engdahl has a conflict of interest. He’s getting paid by the folks who want to hear that China is strong and unstoppable.

In the course of my visit I was invited by China’s Northwest University in Xi’an to give a lecture and seminar on the present global political and economic situation in the context of China’s New Economic Silk Road as the One Belt, One Road project is often called.

So Engdahl moves in that class of people and he might want to semi-retire as a professor in China.

What I’ve seen in my many visits to China, and have studied about the entirety of this enormously impressive international infrastructure project convinces me that a Eurasian Century at this point is unstoppable.

These are trivial glittering generalities.

The idiotic wars of the Washington war-hawks and their military industry–in Syria, in Ukraine, Libya, Iraq and now the South China Sea provocations against China–are not going to stop what is now clearly the most impressive and economically altering project in more than a century.

Mostly glitz, but there’s a glint of fact – the USA is wasting its blood and treasure for wars that only benefit Israel.

The term “American Century” was triumphantly proclaimed in a famous editorial in Life magazine in 1941 in the early phase of World War II, before the United States had even entered the war, to describe the system publisher Henry Luce saw dominating the postwar world after the fall of the rival British Empire.

The American Century has lasted a mere seven decades

Wow! He finally gives a fact, and it works against his case!

Whenever a publicist says that a country is going to be powerful for a century, you must doubt that publicist, because he might be wrong just like Henry Luce was wrong. Therefore I must doubt Engdahl, therefore Engdahl has only convinced himself that China is unstoppable.

and PCR continues:

China’s One Belt One Road approach to Eurasian development is cooperative. The operating principle is that everyone works together to build a future for everyone. This is far more attractive than Washington’s arrogance of organizing the world in the interest of US corporations.

As Michael Hudson, James Galbraith, and I have explained, Western economic organization has deteriorated into a system of financial looting. For example, the economy of Greece has been destroyed in order that private banks that over-lent to the Greek government did not have to write down any of the bad debt. Instead, the debt was paid by reducing Greek pensions, cutting education, healthcare and public employment, and by privatizing public companies, such as municipal water companies, with the result being a higher price of water to people whose incomes are falling.

The cost of participating in the Western system is imposed austerity and loss of national sovereignty. Economic cooperation with China does not result in such costs.

Most likely, Duterte has decided to switch the Philippines’ bet from the US to China. When Japan and South Korea also realign, the “pivot to Asia” is over.

Then perhaps even Europe will awaken and the conflict that the neoconservatives are brewing between the West and Russia will be stillborn.

Regime Change In The Philippines — Paul Craig Roberts

I think I am going to hold off on precise predictions until the USA 2016 election is over.

In geeral, however, I will echo the title of this post:

The USA does not have enough warfighters to put a warfighter on every square hectare of land. The USA does not have enough money from financiers to feed its fusileers. That’s why so many USA vets commit suicide every day.

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