who wants to know about Todd and Clare (and why they are trying to trap Assange for Clinton)?




Wikileaks has noted this scam:


Here is the text version of the threats:

From the emails:


>Our source has provided information that Julian’s stay in Ecuador will not be permanent. Exit visas are imminent onto London streets.

>This dramatic turn of events is planned to have a “spectacular” conclusion.

>If Julian wishes to avoid ADX Florence, we suggest he considers, given the extent of restrictions in place in Knightsbridge, how else the Russian government could credibly contact Mr Assange, other than through Hannah Hammond who is based on her Telstra computer in Australia?


>The ToddandClare.com offer, in return for government assistance to Julian, is contingent on 2 responses:

>Julian should accept the $1 million offer [ostensibly] in return for ToddandClare.com’s “dating Ad”.

>He should do this before October 1st, 2016, by sending an email to Hannah@ToddandClare.com.

>The email should provide a bank account and sort code in a safe global receiving zone for a wire to be deposited by a Chase checking account in Houston.


>2. Julian should take it upon himself to publish the following tweet to Presidential candidate Donald Trump, by midnight on October 1st 2016.


>@realdonaldtrump @jamiedimon @natrothschild1 Go to ToddandClare.com on Nov 7. Noon. Putin will be live. #brexitneverhappened


>Unless it is deleted by the US government, the tweet should not be deleted by Julian or his colleagues at any time, and will stay live on twitter, until further notice.

>More information will be provided after Julian cooperates.

>We will be awaiting Julian’s banking details, and tweet by midnight on October 1st, 2016.

>Hannah Hammond



>T&C Network Solutions


“Henry Bridge: Henry will be the PM Lead for a new area of projects we’re carving off related to Email and Audience Services. In short, Henry will partner with Engineering to define the products that work behind-the-scenes..”

Henry has previously worked for both Google and facebook.

“Matt Vermaak (Senior iOS Engineer): Before joining us, Matt was an iOS contractor at GrubHub. He’s joining us to work on mobile projects (namely the Hillary app!) but he also has some backend chops and already hit the ground running by helping make HFA Stork production ready. ”

Matt Vermaak previously owned a internet dating site named HowAboutWe.

Wikipedia: “In July 2014, HowAboutWe (except for the Couples business) was acquired by IAC.[9]”

“IAC/InterActiveCorp (also known as IAC) is an American media and Internet company, with over 150 brands across 100 countries,[1] headquartered in New York City.[2]”

IAC owns numerous dating sites.

Chelsea Clinton is on the Board of Directors.

Note that dating sites can be used to cover up prostitution rings, if you have connections like the Clintons:

From: Fred Rotondaro
Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2009 11:45 AM
To: Juliana Gendelman
Subject: Don’t know if you want to bother John with this but

Eric McFadden, who was Hillary’s Catholic liaison in the primaries, was arrested yesterday forrunning a prostitution ring.
The transition political people know.




Here’s my analysis: Clinton seems to be working for people like Soros and Rothschild (most people will not find that to be surprising), and she has a lot of self-described “loyal soldiers” trying to help her on the Internet by sending weird threats to Julian Assange.

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