A group of close friends, it seems in our midst, one or two traitors are present


Richard Thieme has “confronted the face of evil,” but apparently he can’t recognize that it is his own face. “The dehumanization of others leads to the dehumanization of self.” The USA tortures people – usually innocent people – and the torturers feel really bad about it. He appears to admit that the USA breaks the Nuremberg conventions but he doesn’t appear to understand what he is saying. He seems to have compartmentalized his mind in a way that idolizes whatever the national security state demands from him.

Richard Thieme wants us to feel sorry for the torturers, but to support the business of torture. He encourages secret agents to practice meditation so that they will be calm and effective when they order drone strikes, assassinations, sexual torture, and all the rest of “the game” of secret operations. He talks about how the USA can manage its drone pilots more efficiently, but he never suggests that perhaps the USA could stop blowing up hundreds of people with a single drone strike in order to get one targeted “person of interest” who might or might not be a terrorist. He expresses disdain in passing for the moral posturing of whistleblowers.

There have been many secrets leaking this year.



So the USA operates a lot of secret war-crime operations.

And wow, nobody is surprised to find out that conspiring to commit war crimes frequently dehumanizes the criminal himself.

Now, a spook is puffing the spook business up as a heroic, self-sacrificing bunch of war criminals who feel really, really bad that circumstances for them to export heroin, rape, torture, and mass-murder.


The spook’s final conclusion is that USA war criminals should be taught and prepared better; they should be taught to anesthetize their consciences so that they can continue to operate a transnational system of human rights abuses. The spook has clearly been corrupted; he has excused war crimes for most of his adult life, and now the only possible solutions he can imagine still reinforce those war crimes.


Request for Comments on “Playing Through the Pain”

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which had some comments such as the following.

… I struggle every single day with the knowledge that my employer is willfully breaking the law, …


…when you ignore all semblance of morality and law and order, treating all other humans in the world like your personal slaves, it has a psychological effect on you??? Imagine that…


I don’t know if it still holds true but a special forces operative once told me that severe chronic physical and psychological injuries are frequently ignored in the SoF community exclusively because reporting the injuries will be a career killer. The risk is that psychological issues will limit trust and thereby inhibit career progression while physical injuries will, obviously, limit capabilities. The end result is staying with the brotherhood until one is utterly broken physically and mentally on the extreme end of it.

While reading book reviews in the CIA’s unclassified strategic studies journal, I’m also left with the distinct impression that if you even hint at sympathy for criticisms of the CIA status quo or operational methods your career may be in jeopardy. However, it is always acceptable to be openly and severely critical of critics of the CIA.


never forget the power that framing has to any given individual. Google “Stanford Prison Experiment” to see just how much power the frame of reference has to controlling an individual’s thoughts and actions. We all wish we were independent thinkers with some universal moral compass, but …


Break out the world’s smallest violin while I shed the world’s smallest tear.

The special snowflakes support and enable the Deep State, commit evil on its behalf, cover up its the evil, persecute the people who take a stand against it, and do this for money.

But the same special snowflakes complain of advserse affects. Sorry snowflakes, not every one is born to be a high-functioning pyschopath. Only about 1%.

And is that your ambition? To be pychopathically immune to the evil you serve and the evil you do? So you can sleep soundly, worry-free, smile and laugh, no matter what?

You want to, as it were, “have it all”?


I remember some physics PhDs doing research for a company not unrelated to the UK AWE. They were researching plastics that they were told would be used around nuclear reactors. One of the researchers was having problems in that she was seeing an increasing varience between what she thought she was researching and the direction she was being gently pushed in. I gave her a likely reason and a couple of book refrences to read. Needless to say she quickly put two and two together and went and found another job very quickly.

The point is people do not react well when they find they have been lied to by their employers, as the feel robbed of choice and feel a loss of worth. Others take it worse and feal like they have been enslaved or even violated to the point of mental abuse.


Thieme’s approach to this awfully emo. He doesn’t seem to appreciate that the state uses classification and compartmentation to make conscientious staff commit serious crimes. Classification and need-to-know deny staff the context to evaluate instructions. That makes it easy for the state to lie about the purpose of the work. Compartmentalization separates staff who might otherwise put the pieces together, before or after the crime. The betrayal and resentment of the duped accomplices are the least of your problems.

There was no ‘compelling necessity’ to the government’s meticulous preparations for the coup de main of 9/11. Government staff undertook COG planning in case of an increasingly improbable nuclear war with an expiring enemy. It never occurred to most planners that CIA could knock over a couple of buildings and roll it all out, setting the constitution aside at a stroke.


This strain of spy-thriller romanticism has been around since the Sixties. Yes, it’s embarrassing when they make a fool of you. But come off the psychobabble. There’s no profound mindbending Matrix here, just crime.

The above comments are the heart of the matter. A low-quality summary is available at:

Request for Comments on “Playing Through the Pain”

But it’s a bunch of garbage.

If you have a strong stomach, you can watch the whole talk at:

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