hundreds of pipeline protesters get arrested, but journos get threatened with 45 years of jail for filming

The Morton County Sheriff’s Department posted the following update to their Facebook page claiming that the 127 arrests from the weekend brought the total since August 10th to 269.

Documentary filmmaker Deia Schlosberg was only doing her job when she was arrested while filming an activist shutting down a tar sands pipeline in North Dakota, she told RT America’s ‘News with Ed.’ She is facing 45 years in prison on felony charges.
Dakota Access Pipeline

Schlosberg was arrested in Walhalla, North Dakota, on October 11 for filming activist Michael Foster — a member of the group known as Climate Direct Action — as he shut off a valve of a Canadian tar sands pipeline. In solidarity with protesters opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, activists shut down similar valves in Washington, Montana, and Minnesota on the same day.

However, authorities in North Dakota have charged the filmmaker with two Class A felonies and one Class C felony, including conspiracy to theft of property, conspiracy to theft of services, and conspiracy to tampering with or damaging a public service.

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2 Responses to hundreds of pipeline protesters get arrested, but journos get threatened with 45 years of jail for filming

  1. What the fuck is the point of stopping this pipeline? Is it more expensive unreliable “green” energy? This is total bullshit. Sacred land being defiled by a pipeline. Couldn’t find any owls? This isn’t environmentalism, its neo-luddite anti-Civilization lunacy. They do’t want oil, or gas, or nuclear. They support windmills that only work when the wind is between 15-35 mph and expensive solar cells. Technophobia anyone?

    • Regardless of whether the pipeline is good, the Indians are angry because they don’t feel the land was taken from them fairly, and they are too few to mount guerrilla warfare.


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