Give credit to the Reddit(ors who dig this up) – never mind the sex magic, here’s the Silsby – now where is the Platinum Possum?

Some of the people who have never read Crowley are getting upset that Podesta hung out with an apparent Crowleyan.

Abramović’s “Spirit Cooking” is little more than a series occult rituals and spells, some of which include blood sacrifice, video footage suggests. One of Abramović’s ritual spells included in her book, “Spirit Cooking,” calls for the mixing of “fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk” to “drink on earthquake nights.”

WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Chair Participated in Occult Magic

I get the feeling that some of the Bible thumpers think that “occult” means something out of a Frazetta painting:

I don’t mind chucking a few Tarot cards around and lighting a candle, but it should be obvious that occult magic doesn’t work as it is generally advertised. If sacrificing a goat could make demons burst out of the floor, the people who slaughter goats for a living wouldn’t be in the underclass of society. At least one of them would have found the right book of rituals and managed to trade the life of a goat for an army of supernatural monsters. Likewise, if drinking bodily fluids conferred any kind of occult power (as Crowleyans claim), the prostitutes who get exposed bodily fluids would be flying around like the Green Lantern.




Instead, prostitutes are mostly powerless people who get exploited.  Crowleyans never tire of rationalizing and confabulating about this.  There’s little point in trying to argue with a Crowleyan; they’ve modeled their lives on a guy who refused to define his terms.  (One of Crowley’s disciples managed to break out of the “Stockholm Syndrome”/cult mentality by writing down a long screed in terms of symbolic logic, the effect of which was to prove Crowley had contradicted himself.  (Of course, everyone with common sense already knew Crowley was a liar, and that liars contradict themselves sometimes, but logicians have very little common sense.)


The usual pattern of occult claims is inarticulate and vague and spread by someone who does not have the capacity for logical criticism.  Most people who spread occult claims are in love with their own emotional excitement about incoherent ideas. A few people who spread occult claims are unscrupulous salesmen who want to sell some kind of product – a book, a scented candle, whatever – for cash.

The problem with claims about occult effects – especially Crowley-style claims – is that they are usually designed to be non-falsifiable. You’ll never prove a Crowleyan isn’t one step away from becoming a demi-god. But you can observe a bunch of Crowleyans throughout the last 100 years of history and observe that they overpromise and underdeliver.

So if Podesta was drinking blood and breast milk with Abramovic, it’s not likely that he managed to get some bat-winged demon to burst through the floor. It’s entirely possible he picked up some sexually transmitted diseases, but that’s about as much as one can expect from Crowleyans.

On the topic of Crowley, he ran an organized crime ring and various cults. It seems unavoidable to conclude that Crowley committed a lot of sexual abuse of various people, some of whom were children. What is not known is the extent to which Crowley inspired the people who were kidnapping Haitian children in 2013:
[OS] HAITI/US – Legal adviser to U.S. Haiti missionaries arrested

Legal adviser to U.S. Haiti missionaries arrested
19 Mar 2010 20:22:07 GMT
Source: Reuters
By Manuel Jimenez

SANTO DOMINGO, March 19 (Reuters) – A Dominican Republic man who acted as
legal adviser to a group of U.S. missionaries held for several weeks in
Haiti on child kidnapping charges has been arrested in Santo Domingo,
local police said on Friday.
Jorge Puello Torres, wanted by El Salvador as a suspect in a human
trafficking ring, was detained at a car wash in the city late on Thursday,
a spokesman from the Dominican Republic’s police anti-narcotics unit said.
He was arrested in the Dominican Republic’s capital on a warrant issued by
Interpol, the international police organization.
U.S. and Dominican Republic authorities had been looking for Puello after
El Salvador officials said they suspected him of being involved in running
a human trafficking ring that recruited Central American and Caribbean
women and girls and forced them to work as prostitutes.
The allegations emerged after Puello offered his services as a legal
adviser to 10 U.S. Christian missionaries who were arrested by Haitian
authorities late in January and accused of trying to take 33 children over
the border into the Dominican Republic after the devastating Jan. 12
earthquake in Haiti.
Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.
Eight of the Americans, most of whom were members of a Baptist church in
Idaho, were freed by a Haitian judge in February. A ninth was released on
March 8.
Only the group’s leader, Laura Silsby, remains detained and still under
investigation in Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince.
The Americans denied any wrongdoing and said they had been trying to help
children left orphaned and destitute by the Haitian earthquake. They said
Puello had approached their relatives and church, offering his help.
It turned out that the children who were with the U.S. missionaries had
living parents, many of whom testified they had voluntarily handed their
offspring to the Americans in the hope they would be given an education
and a better life.
The case threw a spotlight on fears that child traffickers could prey on
vulnerable Haitian children after the quake. But it also distracted
attention from international relief efforts to help more than a million
survivors left homeless or displaced by the disaster.

Of course, child trafficking takes many forms. Some operatioins are run out of India:

Other operations sell African children:

Associate director of Duke University’s Center for Health Policy,
Frank Lombard, was recently arrested by the FBI and charged
with offering up his adopted 5-year-old African American son
for sex to an undercover cop. Lombard admitted to molesting his
own adopted son to the undercover officer in an online chat room
under the user name “Perv Dad for Fun”. He invited the under
cover officer to travel to North Carolina to rape his already-molested
adopted son. Lombard faces 20 years in prison if convicted but is
not eligible for the death penalty.

Lombard bragged to the detective that “the abuse of the child was
easier when the child was too young to talk or know what was
happening, but that he had drugged the child with Benadryl
during the molestation,” according to the detective’s affidavit.

Lombard is gay and adopted the two children together with his
partner. He lists himself as a fan of controversial gay Bishop
Gene Robinson on his facebook page.

Reddit itself may not deserve any credit, but some credit is due to the redditors who dig through this emailed scandal-fodder to find the scandals.
A reddit user with the username Pleading the Yiff posted the following accusations.

The individual in question is one Laura Silsby, former director of The New Life Children’s Refuge. She was caught trying to steal 33 children from the country, most of whom were not even orphans and had families.

Hillary has a LONG history of interest in Ms. Silsby. Wikileak emails dating back till at least 2001 have been found in her archives discussing Laura’s NGO. Laura had claimed she planned to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, but authorities in the country said she never submitted an application for this purpose. They instead located to Haiti.



Huma Abedin was constantly forwarding Hillary articles on this woman’s organization:

One of the first things Hillary did when she took over the scene in Haiti was to get Laura off the hook:

And the attorney who represented Laura Silsby? A man who was himself convicted as a sex trafficker:

Even more disturbing, we uncovered an email in Wikileaks where they are literally pricing how much it costs to transport children:

Again, this was the same group that got busted by Haitian Authorities trying to Traffic kids.

They’re in the Clinton Emails;

Pitch for funding or some shit, super sketchy.

This looks like Mills & co are drafting statements following extradition.

Help me research!!! There are surely more emails to be found in Wikileaks on this! If we can connect the Clintons to a child abductor their campaign is DONE!!!

EDIT: Wanted to add this email showing HRC contacting a lawyer regarding the 10 people who were arrested for their roles in this kidnapping case, thanks /u/Look_See_Think for bringing me this:


So … if Assange (hilariously known as the Platinum Possum, for his hair and his habit of playing dead) has any explicit details linking Hillary to all of this sex magic, I hope Assange disclose the scandal in time for the voters to hear about it.

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