Did Podesta’s injured hand happen at Comet Ping Pong Pizza? Is it the infected cut mentioned in the emails?


Now, there’s nothing surprising about Hillary Clinton getting photographed with a couple of lesbian chefs in a lesbian-themed restaurant.

But in this case, there is an abandoned subway system that seems to connect three special restaurants: Besta, Comet, and Terasol. (I have yet to see PROOF that the subway system connects anything. It might be abandoned, or it might be used for unrelated activities.)

Across the street from Besta and Comet is Terasol, a restaurant and art gallery, displaying the symbol for “girl lover” on their website along with a picture of HILLARY CLINTON IN THE RESTAURANT.


Here is the logo on their website that looks like the “girl lover” symbol.

I don’t know whether Hillary was having lesbian sex with her various aides such as Huma. But her ties to USA child abusers and foreign child abusers would allow her to engage in a lot of human trafficking. Possibly Hillary is not motivated by sex, but she uses her connections to traffic sex slaves to rich degenerates who are highly motivated by sex.

Comet Pizza appears to be be owned and operated by extremely unusual people who are strangely fascinated by giving small children the first pizza that those children will ever eat.

Oddly enough, the same people make jokes about building secret rooms so that they can commit murder without being interrupted.

Also, their jokes about restraining children seem to be in poor taste.

The Podesta emails include the following:

>>>> On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 8:53 PM, John Podesta <john.podesta@gmail.com> wrote: >>>> Dr. Haque, >>>> I’ve been doing well, but fear that the little finger may be getting infected. I saw Daniel Saturday and this morning and all seemed fine except the place where the finger joins the palm continues to weep. We concluded that it might be a good idea to have the White House Docs re-dress the wound with clean peri strips. I’ve arranged to do that tomorrow morning. Tonight the finger seems to be swelling more and hurts a bit more. Color is still pink and consistent with other skin. Swelling could be a result of PT, but seems possible that it’s infected. I can keep my a appointment with the WH med unit and ck in after that, unless you think it’s better to come in straight away.



The oddly injured hand in the picture is probably the same wound mentioned in the email. I cannot determine whether the middle finger of his other hand has a bandage: the color looks different, but I’m not an expert.

Many people have been pointing out Podesta’s strangely injured hand. Some people claim that his left middle finger shows a type of injury that corresponds to the pseudo-spiritual practices of “Spirit Cooking” lady.

Incidentally, she is Jewish. Wikipedia formerly reported her as Jewish, but decided to scrub that info out for some reason.

Comet Ping Pong Pizza has attracted attention for its bizarre and inappropriate use of adult imagery to advertise a piza restaurant that is supposed to be for kids. It is associated with several other restaurants that are believed to participate is secret sexual abuse of children.


An Internet sleuth has written:

a place called “Besta Pizza” which happens to be 2 doors down from Comet Ping Pong (owned by James Alefantis, who is the former gay boyfriend of David Brock). Besta Pizza has a logo that not only resembles the symbol for pedo/boy love but IS the symbol for pedo boy love.
website here: mybestapizza.com http://archive.is/3OrGh
Logo here: https://sli.mg/WFX7jx
FBI doc showing the symbols: https://sli.mg/00qA8D
Then anon on 4chan tracked down who owned Besta Pizza (which BTW means “Beast” in portuguese)
here is the text from that:
Ok I’m digging for ownership info and have found it – Uptown Pizza LLC.
I Found it by being more (?) specific with search terms. Just uptown or pizza would not return a result
LLC Business Filing – http://sli.mg/A45Xa5
It’s signed by Andrew Kline, and it’s running on a revoked entity status.
Agent Address – 1225 19th Street N.W., Washington, DC 20036

Also listed on the report is the following —
Governor: Hammad, Abdel Rahman 5029 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20008 Is Executing Officer?: No – This the address of Besta Pizza.
So then I google Andrew Kline and Podesta – Bingo! Turns out Andrew Kline knows Podesta AND is a Clinton appointee and “as one of four attorneys in the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the Department of Justice, in the Civil Rights Division”
So that means that the guy who owns a pizza place that uses a pedo symbol for it’s logo is in charge of finding human trafficking in the US at DOJ and was appointed by Clinton.


Another Internet sleuth wrote:

Some deeper info on this :: The owner of Big Cheese LLC , the company that runs “Comet Pizza” and “Besta Pizza” is James Alefantis described as one of “DC’s 50 most powerful people.” http://www.transformerdc.org/news/item/james-alefantis-one-of-dcs-50-most-powerful-people He was/is a longtime gay lover of David Brock, the head of MEDIA MATTERS. Who according Neera Tanden is “batshit crazy” http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2016/11/david-brock-batst-crazy.php A few years ago David Brock was in the news paying off his previous gay lover Grey, in a blackmail settlement. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/02/27/media-matters-boss-paid-former-partner-850g-blackmail-settlement.html Police report: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/interactive/2015/09/01/2010-police-report-filed-by-david-brock-against-ex-partner-william-grey/ Alefantis was a defendant in this case. According to the above fox article: “Brock and Alefantis remain in Washington, where Brock has released a new book attacking Fox News. He is also under scrutiny from several members of Congress amid reports Media Matters for America is in possible violation of IRS laws governing nonprofits.”
According to Politico http://imgur.com/OFtVr1R TONY PODESTA and JAMES ALENFANTIS are BEST FRIENDS http://imgur.com/qDhjE3D This was at Tony’s birthday just last week! WOW

Note that Comet Ping Pong Pizza also uses graphics in its promotional materials that slightly resemble the symbol published by the FBI as representing sexual attraction to children.



I think that is tenuous, but regardless of whether the logos are evidential, there are plenty of other points of evidence.

Note that a Wikileaks email names at least two restaurant owners:

James alefantis (of Comet Ping Pong)
Amy brandwein (of centrolina)


Regarding Comet Ping Pong Pizza:


Some aspects of the restaurant appear to be very lower-class. In some respects, it appears to be in poor repair, even though it has a huge amount of money and influential friends like Podesta.

Also, it seems very strange that a pizza restaurant talks a great deal about trust and mutual support with its customers.


Criminals and conspirators need unusual networks of trust and mutual support. Pizza restaurants usually do not.

Via the chans:



This section appears to have originated on reddit:

I still can’t figure out where Andrew Kline fits into all this – and whether there are multiple lawyers named Andrew Kline of Andrew J. Kline who have connections.

Here is a routine case of prosecutorial misconduct:




This might be the same guy mentioned at the link below:

maybe that’s him? Not sure.
Says nothing about being an attorney in DoJ, but does mention he
“has served as legislative advisor to the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington (“RAMW”)

Which might work since he is connected to a restaurant.
But better yet:
Actually talks about the DoJ. I don’t have time to go through the whole thing but that might actually be useful for finding more information.
I also found his linkedin:
(check experience, it says he worked in civil rights division of DoJ)
” Supervised teams investigating and prosecuting complex and high-profile federal civil rights cases, including police brutality and corruption, human trafficking, abortion clinic violence, and hate crimes.


Here is some sinister-sounding advertising copy:

>At Comet Ping Pong we love to party and we love hosting events. Our private party room is the perfect place to throw a birthday party, a dance party, or just a group get-together! With up to two ping pong tables, a bar, and foosball, it is pure entertainment. It can be configured to comfortably fit 20-50 people and we offer a myriad of exciting activities and extras that no other birthday party will have (think: a ping pong pro demonstration!) Comet Ping Pong is also available for corporate or social lunch events. You can even rent out the whole restaurant! We are open to all ideas of course. Be sure to give us some details to get started, like preferred date/time and type of party (kids, adults, or a mix of both).

Email us!

As one might guess, the pizza restaurant has unusually rich and powerful and non-kid-friendly “friends” including weird heavily sexualized rock-and-roll bands:

>cometpingpong . com/friends-1/


friends of comet: heavy breathing the washington ballet politics & prose hemphill fine arts don rockwell transformer apple metrocurean modern times coffee house modern art notes media matters brightestyoungthings pandahead magazine dr pong bucks fishing and camping sasha lord presents squareforms

The following is a chan post – I am not the author:

John Podesta mentions a lot in his email about getting Pizza and especially at “Comet Ping Pong”. “Comet Ping Pong” tends to be a favourite hangout and fundraising centre for the Democrats from Wikileaks. It’s a place with ‘secret rooms’, a dark basement, pictures with eye slits in the walls where you can see through and bathrooms hidden behind secret panels.

Background – Comet Ping Pong has a big focus on kids and ping pong. On first view, you might think these are just innocent adverts but watch closely.

Pay close attention to the mural on the wall and what the ‘manager’ says at the end of the video:

Listen to this kid read a script about CPP:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tiu325HYQk – is the young boy dogwhistling a code for something? Is Pizza with ‘egg’ and ‘beans’ code for something else?

Now look at this video.

This video is filmed in the basement of Comet Ping Pong.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDAybzlZqqY .

She refers to tasting the “Hottie Pizza” at 2:20.

Do you think thats code for something?

Now look at her band’s Youtube page:

How does her band afford such professional videos with such tiny views and sales? Their facebook and twitter are dead. All of her videos would require at least $10,000 USD to make with all the special effects, editing, actors etc.

What is the source of their income with a tiny fan base?

Now take a look at the themes that come up in the video:

Look at 3:25 of this video.

Locations? Why is there a picture of a bouncy castle and another one of a table of young teenage males?

Look at 1 minute mark

Look at 0:47 and 1:57

What is she talking about in this video? I think you know.

You may need to open these in a new window to read the text.

Several pictorial attempts have been made to link Podesta with various conspirators.
Unfortunately one of the more informative files seems to get truncated to an unreadable mess whenever WordPress posts it.

The images contained much of the same informtion summarized in this post in text form.

The following links MIGHT display correctly if you manage to get them to open in a new window:

https:// vultureofcritique.files.wordpress.com /2016/11/cpppbasicconspiracy.png

https:// vultureofcritique.files.wordpress.com /2016/11/cpppimagesummarylongexport.jpg

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11 Responses to Did Podesta’s injured hand happen at Comet Ping Pong Pizza? Is it the infected cut mentioned in the emails?

  1. Beyond Borders

    aka More motha****in Haitian Children


    >Worked for Tony Campolo



    >former spiritual advisor to U.S. President Bill Clinton

    Politics and Prose


    Gee what a coincidence Fox News’s most heavily cucked journalist hangs out there, oh and a bunch of NYT journalists, and Bill Clinton himself on occasion


    >The store was purchased by Bradley Graham and Lissa Muscatine


    >Core advisers to Hillary Clinton … including .. Cheryl Mills, Minyon Moore, Lissa Muscatine, Neera Tanden,


    >The Teen Book Group for teens ages 13–16 meets on the fourth Sunday of the month at 3:30 p.m., downstairs in the Children and Teens Department

    Ah yes the basement. what better place for a bunch of 13-16 year olds to gather?

    But seriously,


    The original thread I saw was speculating that all these buildings were owned to control access to a shared underground area. (That’s not proven yet, but if there is absolutely any fact to back up that speculation, it would ignite considerable fury.)

  2. Jacob Seigel says:

    one of the most comprehensive accounts of the currently evolving situation is right here. thank you for your work. the most innocent among us are just something to be consumed..to these monsters. Maybe some justice can come out of this.

    • You’re welcome, but I don’t deserve much credit.

      Reddit and the anonymous forums, or “chans,” are the ones who did most of the work, writing content and making infographics.

      Actually, the bosses and owners of reddit tried to obstruct the effort. Lots of pseudonymous volunteers on reddit did most of the heavy lifting.

  3. Jacob Seigel says:

    I know that so many have spent so much time on things that mods and site admins have silenced and it terrifies me to my core at how far this goes.
    something i put together today. i hope we are all wrong. but if people, and kids are suffering id rather be made a fool than leave them there.

    • Pseudonyms liberate journalists. If John Smith the journalist linked all his posts to his Facebook, as soon as he wrote something shocking, everyone on Facebook would ruin his life. If John Smith the journalist writes a blog as “Reginald Snodworth,” all his Facebook enemies will not know that the words of Reginald Snodworth originated from John Smith, and they won’t notice John Smith, unless John Smith is careless enough to mention Reginald Snodworth on Facebook.

      You can get an email that isn’t linked to your Facebook for free. Use a pseudonym for the email. Don’t pay money because even Bitcoins might be tracked.

      You can use that free email to sign up for a free blog. Use a pseudonym for the blog. Don’t pay money for blog hosting because even Bitcoins might be tracked. Bear in mind that if you blog for a long time, your ISP will have enough info to track you, so if you’re going to blog about seriously dangerous stuff, learn online privacy first.

      If you don’t want a mod to silence you, make a free blog and keep backups of any important info.

      Then when mods censor you on one site, you can post to your blog.

      Mods remove my posts and threads from many forums all the time. I don’t care. Even if WordPress were to take down this blog, I wouldn’t lose much important journalistic info.

  4. Watch Out says:

    Click to access ABC_Board_Dispositions_June_4_2014_0.pdf

    Does this help link Kline to Comet? Acting as counsel to Big Cheese, LLC..

    • I have no idea, I’m not a private investigator, I just read newspapers. But thanks for the contribution.

      Also, if you are doing PDF research, be aware that viruses malware and back doors can be put into PDFs.

      At a minimum, turn off permissions for PDF in your browser and use a secure file reader to examine PDFs.

      If you have time, learn Linux and PDF security. You don’t need to know hacking, just enough info tech to defend against hacking.

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