Sources suggest FBI is playing “three-dimensional chess”


The FBI is not exactly staffed with wide-eyed innocents who have just fallen off the turnip truck.

The good side of that is that FBI guys can use clever strategy.

The bad side of that is that FBI guys might go crazy with power or just plain sell out to evil people.

FBI guys are a little bit scary to most people because most people have no idea whether any particular FBI guy is corrupt or just using bizarre strategies, like “three-dimensional chess.” Most people are looking at one board in two dimensions and the FBI’s moves appear to break the rules.

I don’t know whether Comey is double-crossing and triple-crossing. I don’t know where anyone’s loyalties are. And the supposed “good guys” just look like a slightly lighter shade of grey.

Anyway, this following news story looks less than entirely honest to me. At best it is a propaganda spin on some facts. At worst it is sheer fabrication. Caveat lector.

So according to the narrative, the initial “pizza” email got sent to the perverts because Doug Band infiltrated the perverts in order to serve the FBI and Braverman was an FBI infiltrator who must now flee for his life. (It’s just too surreal that the allegedly brave man is named “Braverman.” It’s like a soldier being named Hardslab Combat.) Incidentally, running for your life is sometimes the bravest action you can take; no extra charge for the cracker-barrel philosophy.

And some people go farther than that – some people claim that Comey is actually loyal to the USA, not to the Almighty Dollar. These people claim that Comey’s suspicious fraternization with rich companies was an infiltration operation.

Because large images usually get distorted, let me post a link that is less likely to get distorted.

You may need to open it in a new tab to read the text.

And here’s the basic wordpress version, which probably got blurry and fuzzy.


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