Was getting fired part of your plan? Well congratulations, Obama got you fired! Is Comey playing three-dimensional chess, or did he just get outmaneuvered?


>After persistent prodding by Valerie Jarrett, President Obama has agreed to fire America’s top cop

>A White House source familiar with the decision says Jarrett and the president held lengthy discussions over the past several days about the political and legal ramifications of firing FBI director

>The president was furious with Comey for reopening the FBI’s investigation of Hillary’s emails

>But he was reluctant to move against Comey for fear that it would open him to charges of obstruction of justice.

>It has yet to be decided who will wield the hatchet—the president, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, or someone else


To quote a channer:

we may never know if he was crooked or not.

His plan was to delay prosecution until after the new president was sworn in. When you know the facts and the law this was the only move. Obama was involved in Clinton’s crimes, at least enough that it’s clear he would have pardoned her on his last day, and she would pardon him on his first.

Obviously if Trump wins Clinton will be prosecuted. Comey, in his genius, played for both contingencies. By telling the world that Clinton was guilty, but then not recommending prosecution he both left the door open for later prosecution and kept himself looking like he was covering for Clinton.

Anyone with the will to know the truth could easily see through Congress’ cross examination that she was guilty as sin. This allows him to claim to Pres Trump that he was stalling so the conviction would stick.

Comey did one thing that might turn out well: He admitted to Chaffetz that Hillary gave access to classified info to people who were legally not supposed to have it, AND COMEY KNEW.

Recently there have been numerous scandals about Hillary’s maid printing out classified stuff.

But the recent scandals happened after Comey admitted that he knew.

Now the world can ask the USA, “If you Spurdoburgers knew about this malarkey all that time ago, why didnt you do something effective, instead of stalling for time like a bunch of corrupt decadents?”

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