Postmodern dictatorship in Russia? Peter Pomerantsev says “Nothing is True and Everything is Possible”

A lot of my regular readers (and I have four regular readers, so I mean “three out of four”) are going to hate this,
but frankly I have to go through this guy’s lecture because I have to debate about it in a few hours. And by “have to” I mean, “don’t really have to, but probably will anyway.”

So I’m posting something you are likely to hate.

Feel free to salt up my comments section.

Unless you’re a spammer, in which case, your advert for fake LV bags will be deleted before it sees the light of day.


Pomerantsev’s writings are long on personal emotions and short on verfiable or falsifiable claims. E.g.:

‘Oh my God’, she wrote, ‘fascists have taken over Kiev!’

This was new. My cousin never mentions politics. Like me, she is from a Russian-speaking Jewish family who left the Ukrainian SSR in the late 1970s, but I’ve never known her give a thought to the old country until now. I told her she was misinformed. A few days later she wrote again, this time about attacks on synagogues in Ukraine. I told her local rabbis denied it.

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