Of Trump, Epstein, MacDonald

Of course, Ex-Army linked to

An Historic, Quite Possibly Revolutionary Victory!



And KMacD linked to the last part of a six-part series at:

Trump and the Jews, #6: Ramping up the hate (and paranoia) as we approach the finish line

and I sniffed around KMacD’s writings, but I didn’t find any discussion of whether Epstein has blackmail material on Trump.

Clinton was apparently controlled by blackmail. Her inner circle was full of sexual perverts – it is hard to imagine that she never took part in such things.

Does Trump have similar blackmail to worry about? I hope not. Will Trump be willing to investigate Epstein’s crimes? Possibly.

Even if Epstein does not control Trump, Israel might find a way to subvert him.

In the meantime – demand an investigation of Pizzagate.

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