Did the Million Mask March accomplish anything?

I don’t think marching in the street is a realistic way to gain political power.

The Million Mask March was apparently a bit of a social outing, somewhat scary due to the risk of kettling.

A lot of folks expressed unusual opinions in public. Maybe that was political awakening for some of them.

I have a particular reason for linking to the video above.

I am the caretaker of this website, until the actual blogger returns. Before the Trumpening, the most hits this blog ever got in a day was about 900.

Shortly before the Trumpening, I was researching conspiracy theories on a chan, and posted a summary of some good sleuthing. I don’t think the chans accomplished much. I think reddit did more.

But my repost of chan conspiracy theory got linked by:


and this blog got more traffic than it had ever gotten, and possibly more than it will ever get in the future:

The Alexa rank went up by approximately one million. (I assume that it will decline rapidly back to its former rank.) The caretaker has overtaken the founder. By sheer dumb luck.

…and I was interested to see that the linking Anons had a humanistic and anti-racist message at:

Anonymous Has An Urgent Message To Humanity For Rest Of 2016

The various /pol/itically incorrect channers are not the only channers. The /pol/ types might very well hate the anti-racist anons who wear masks in public. Then again, the /pol/ types tend to hate everything most of the time.

It’s not about a big volume of hits on the blog. It’s not about freedom to say rude things. It’s about giving people useful information that they want.

Information should not be subject to artificial scarcity. Attention should not be squandered on junk mail, spam advertisements, and high-pressure sales hype.

People should be able to shut out the information that they don’t want and focus on the information that they do want.

If my blog does anything to facilitate that goal – Kek wills it.

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