B’Man muses on J’Tools and I muse on Deplorable Gunslingers


The B’Man writes about reversing hostile control of citizens from a redneck perspective. I don’t have a picture of B’Man in a swimsuit, so I posted the only picture of rednecks that I had handy. And many of the Deplorable Gunslingers I am writing about here are rednecks.

B’Man wrote in part:

…people knew from the past Tea Party and Ron Paul Revolution type movements (before they get hijacked) that white people (European stock) are pissed and tired of the status quo.

Ron Paul touched the nerve of many white people (although I disagreed with much of his misunderstood military/economic budget policy) .

Trump (the jews controlling him) took advantage of this sentiment. At first, Trump must have felt similarly, because he could speak without teleprompters and written speeches (these came later). That message appealing to white sentiment compared to those same whites’ disdain for that murderous scumbag, Clinton, was the avenue used to win.

White people, on the whole, however, have taken their eyes off of the real problem (which is not immigration, jobs shipped overseas, etc). The real problem is jewish power and control of every aspect of our lives. Remove that influence and the other problems take care of themselves as sanity rules again without their influence.

I think that something bad is on the horizon and Trump will be the hammer. Had the Dems (or that faction of jew control) had wanted to win this, they would have run Bernie.

But I don’t believe that they want a jew as POTUS when the hammer drops (to avoid blame). They will use such a conman character as Trump, who, as the narcissist he is, will do anything contrary to what he said without blinking an eye.

I admit that I hope I am wrong. I hope that I can come here (and everywhere) to say I was wrong and I will apologize. I promise that.

But I don’t think I am wrong…


Is Trump closely associated with Jews? Of course.

Will Trump take some or all of the blame for various conspiracies involving Jews? Probably.

Will Trump’s loss of reputation result in a devastating setback for non-Jews? Probably not.

Trump is a showman, but he’s also a businessman. He didn’t accumulate his vast wealth by breaking his word left and right.

Trump is revolutionary enough to get votes from far-right survivalist Travis-Bickle types who would never have voted for any other candidate. Trump saved several lives by getting elected, because if Hillary had won, there would be a bunch of rabid, starving lower-class people with absolutely nothing left to lose – and their final acts on earth would be horribly effective at causing destruction. So whatever else Trump did, he saved the USA from that. A little rioting is nothing in comparison.

Trump is adaptive enough to garner support from semi-rational, semi-desperate people on the fringe of society. Trump’s supporters include some people who are versatile enough to destroy civilization or support it. For lack of a better word, let’s call these folks the Deplorable Gunslingers. They are capable of fighting for order or for chaos. Trump motivates them to fight for law – at least temporarily.

Trump is Establishment enough to get cooperation from the old-boys’-club that runs the ReTHUGlican Parody – excuse me, the Republican Party. Guys like Pence are old-school Establishment. No Deplorable Gunslinger would ever have voted for Pence as the main man of the ticket. But Deplorable Gunslingers are willing to let Pence ride in their posse so long as Trump vouches for Pence.

The thing about gunslingers, though, is that they don’t follow leaders, they ride in posses. They know that Trump is moderate. The Christian Gunslingers know that Trump is not pious. The Veteran Gunslingers know the Trump never wore the uniform. They all know that they are much farther to the political “right” than Trump is. They are not going to stop believing in right-wing ideals. They are rejoicing because Trump has suddenly moved the Overton Window far to the right. If Trump becomes political poison, the Deplorable Gunslingers are not going to suddenly hand over their shooting irons and beg for mercy.

Deplorable Gunslingers are not going to suddenly become less dangerous if their leaders get destroyed. It doesn’t matter whether Donald Trump or Melora Craeger is leading their revolt. (And it would be pretty awesome if Melora Craeger were to lead a revolt, because she already has at least one very appropriate song, with the following lyrics.)

Oh how we used to hate the sight
Of the evil rent collector coming in the night
Got to tied for 40 bushels, but it don’t seem right
Up to the manor house to pay the Great Patroon

We had taken our wilderness
And turned the Earth to bounty by the rake’s caress
Never owning what we tilled below the crescent moon
Up to the manor house to pay the Great Patroon

The sheriff was about to sell the cows
Or otherwise extort the rent
So they met in barns and in out of the way places
To scheme all night on how to get the rent

What do you wear for civil war in 1844
In upstate New York?
What do you wear for civil war in 1844
In upstate New York?

These Indians wore Calico dresses
They were belted at the waist
Red flannel pantaloons or
Those masks ….. looking things
With fringe around the neck
Horns upon their forehead
Course animal hair put on for a beard
At the pow-wow among the grotesque
The chief wore a striped calico young lady’s dress

Blow on the tin dinner horn over the valley
Call all the formerly normal men to revolt and rally
The Feudal Land Laws should be abolished
What are you waiting for? it’s 1844!
The worm has begun to turn

I saw those Calicos scorn and spurn their accusers
With threatening talk and rough, tough threatening gestures
The feeling was stronger and stronger
(Stronger and stronger)
They tried to talk like real Indians might:
“Me want cider” and the like
Many a head had worn this crown of feathers
I tried to be the leader of the Anti-Rent Rioters
I recognized it as having belonged to a left-handed neighbor
Ooh a little Indian man called Sander

Blow the tin dinner horn over the valley
Call all the formerly normal men to revolt and rally
The Feudal Land Laws should be abolished
What are you waiting for, it’s 1844?
The worm has begun to turn

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