At some point, “May God strike you dead” and “drop dead” got replaced with “kill yourself” – which is decadent


For many years, people expressed hatred and contempt in old-fashioned ways. In English, people shouted “Drop dead!” at their enemies.

Strangely, in 2016, “Drop dead” has been replaced with “kill yourself.”

Why do so many Americans use this expression? Possibly “Drop dead” sounds to much like, “May God strike you dead,” and they don’t believe in God. Or perhaps they presume that suicide is a painful stigma of worthlessness, and they want their enemies to actively acknowledge a social status of worthlessness before they die painfully.

Eventually, hate-filled people spew “kill yourself” at so many people that they have to start elaborating on it, just to freshen up the hatred, and then they come up with imprecations like “kindly hold your breath until your head explodes.” This kind of psychologically twisted verbiage is the sign of a society in decay.

Charlie Stross is rather leftist, and he takes a statist approach on the value of life.  He believes his life has value, he believes the lives of his friends have value, and he believes the people who disagree with him are subhuman filth, with no rights, who ought to kill themselves.

The problem is not limited to the Left; the Right produces bullies whenever it can get away with it.  The problem is the State.

This is what the State wants.  They want the painful, humiliating deaths of those who disagree with them.  And they want to set themselves up as the arbiters of decency, so that they can feel vindicated when you die.

Under the current EU regime, when right-wingers say anything vaguely resembling such things, they get arrested and usually imprisoned.  When a Leftist says it, he gets praise from the statists and a friendly smile from the cops.  Varg Vikernes, for example, tried to speak publicly on noncontroversial topics, but because he was a pro-white neopagan, he got years of prison time.


So Charlie Stross claims to be holier than you, and wants you to kill yourself to prove that you are unworthy to live, but Varg Vikernes wants everyone to obey natural law and live happy lives.

Of course Vikernes went to prison and Stross was praised as a useful tool of the State.

Bear in mind that not all leftists are statists. Here is an Englishman who does not like Trump much, but understands the problem

He owns up to being a leftie, and he says he would vote anyone over Donald Trump, but he blames Clinton for being a corporate bribe-taker who just pretends to be leftist. He blames himself for not persuading the right.

Stross leaves himself a few weasel-holes that he can slink through, so one will never be able to use logic to argue against him or get him to face the consequences of his insinuations.

1 – A favorite hole of sci-fi fans is that sci-fi writers who say bad things are in fact making obscure references to cool geek stuff and their critics just don’t understand nerd culture.

2 – Stross uses hyperbole to pump toxic hate into the world, but he can always claim that hyperbole is sarcasm, and thus he is never guilty of hate.

3 – Stross insinuates that “people like Stross” are the ones who deserve praise for three glittering ideals – the Age of Enlightenment, the end of monarchy, and the evolution of Liberalism. Regardless of whether those three things are desirable, Stross and his personal claque of hangers-on don’t own these things.  Nobody elected Stross the First Citizen of the anti-monarchist movement.  When Stross claims to be fighting for any ideal – including anti-monarchism – my first instinct is to ask what personal gain he is seeking under the prtense of anti-monarchism.


Regarding Trump’s recent election, Stross wrote:


the nature of the problem seems to be that our representative democratic institutions have been captured by meta-institutions that implement the iron law of oligarchy by systematically reducing the risk of change. They have done so by converging on a common set of policies that do not serve the public interest, but minimize the risk of the parties losing the corporate funding they require in order to achieve re-election. And in so doing, they have broken the “peaceful succession when enough people get pissed off” mechanism that prevents revolutions.

We think we’re fighting local battles against Brexit or Trumpism. But in actuality, they’re local fronts in a global war. And we’re losing because we can barely understand how big the conflict is.

(NB: By “we”, I mean folks who think that the Age of Enlightenment, the end of monarchism, and the evolution of Liberalism are good things. If you disagree with this, then kindly hold your breath until your head explodes. (And don’t bother commenting below: I’ll delete and ban you on sight.))

The logjam created by the Beige Dictatorship was global, throughout the western democracies; and now it has broken. But it didn’t break by accident, and the consequences could be very bad indeed.

What happened last week is not just about America. It was one move—a very significant one, bishop-takes-queen maybe—in a long-drawn-out geopolitical chess game. It’s being fought around the world: Brexit was one move, the election and massacres of Dutarte in the Philippines were another, the post-coup crackdown in Turkey is a third. The possible election of Marine Le Pen (a no-shit out-of-the-closet fascist) as President of France next year is more of this stuff. ..

Part of it is the hellbrew of racism and resentment stirred up by loss of relative advantage, by the stagnation of wages in the west and the perception that other people somewhere else are stealing all the money—Chinese factories, Wall Street bankers, the faceless Other. (17M people in the UK have less than £100 in savings; by a weird coincidence, the number of people who voted for Brexit was around 17M. People who are impoverished become desperate and angry and have little investment in the status quo—a fancy way of saying they’ve got nothing to lose.)

But another big part of the picture I’m trying to draw is Russia’s long-drawn out revenge for the wild ride of misrule the neoconservatives inflicted on the former USSR in the 1990s.

… They developed a reactionary playbook; … A text that proposes a broad geopolitical program for slavic (Russian) dominance over Asia, which is to be won by waging a global ideological war against people like us. …

I don’t want to sound like a warmed-over cold warrior or a swivel-eyed conspiracy theorist. However, the authoritarian faction currently ascendent in Putin’s Russia seem to be running their country by this book. Their leaders remember how the KGB (newly reformed last month) handled black propaganda and disinformation, and they have people who know how new media work and who are updating the old time Moscow rules for a new century. …

It’s going to take more than local action if we’re to climb out of the mass grave the fascists have been digging for us these past decades. It’s going to take international solidarity and a coherent global movement and policies and structures I can barely envisage if we’re going to rebuild the framework of shared progressive values that have been so fatally undermined.

We haven’t lost yet.

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