Am I Streisand Effect Or Not?


Years ago, when dinosaurs walked the earth, vain people uploaded their photographs to “Am I Hot Or Not?” – a website that could give praise or shaming solely on the basis of appearances.

Now, the Internet gives us “Is It Propaganda Or Not?”

The is a site that is desperate to be as trusted as Snopes was, circa 1995.

They even try to rip off the parentheses around the names of guys like (((Soros))) but they want to use YYY to mark YYYRussiansYYY.

However, these idiots have aparently never heard of the Streisand Effect. When you tell people that you don’t want them talking about Streisand, all the folks who had been talking about Streisand increase their talk, and people who had previously never talked about Streisand START talking about Streisand.

So these idiots published a big list of sites that they DON’T want people to believe in.

This will simply motivate people tosek out those sites. Some sites on the list are stupid, others are informative.


Here’s the list of bad YYYgoysYYY:

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I’ll go through it later and trim out some of the deadwood, like Alex Jones and World Net Daily. The other sites will no doubt furnish me with endless hours of amusement.

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4 Responses to Am I Streisand Effect Or Not?

  1. BMan says:

    Should I be relieved or pissed that mine isn’t there?

  2. globalsocialengineering says:

    Lol. Thanks for sharing. This list is awesome. It will backfire on them.

  3. globalsocialengineering says:

    List of “Goyim”

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