Abdul Razak Artan demanded your sympathy, then attacked people with a knife

A Somali refugee and Ohio State University student plowed his car into a group of people who had just evacuated a campus building after a caller reported a gas leak — then slashed them with a butcher knife, leaving nine injured, before he was shot dead, according to officials and a report.

When the attack began, police issued an “active shooter” alert that prompted a campus-wide lockdown and chillingly ordered students to “run, hide, fight.”

A cop was on the scene within a minute and killed the attacker, 18-year-old Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who became a legal permanent resident of the US, NBC News reported.

“He engaged the suspect and eliminated the threat,” OSU Police Chief Craig said.

The mayhem began when the attacker rammed his car into the crowd standing outside Watts Hall about 9:40 a.m.

Jacob Bowers, a sophomore, was sitting on a bench about 100 feet away when he noticed people running for their lives.

“Then I heard someone yell, ‘He’s got a knife!’ And I saw a guy with a big-a−− knife just chasing people around. When I saw that, I grabbed all my stuff and started running,” Bowers told NBC News



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