Keoni Galt reports on pizzagate


Keoni wrote:

Ye shall know them by their fruits, and those fruits are foul indeed. All manner of sexual perversion, murder, and other extremely vile acts of evil like beastiality, cannibalism and necrophilia are the thorny fruits of those who have sold their souls. The price for worldly gain that the devil requires, is your participation in the debasement, corruption and destruction of all that represents purity and innocence.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. – John 8:44

Keoni linked to VOAT, which has some amateur investigations such as:

First we have James Charles Cafferty, a special agent for the Department of State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security. On January 5, 2012, he pled guilty for one charge of transporting child porn. He had memberships to several cp sites, and hard drives he transported from London containing thousands of cp files.

Next, Carl Carey, arrested in May of 2012 and charged with 10 counts of possession of cp. He was project manager in the IT department.

Can’t find much about either guy, but I found that interesting. Here’s another article that mentions both men in a report of the 2015 arrest of another a State Dept employee for pedo stuff.

Some of the amateur investigations provide a considerable amount of information, such as:

I believe I have found the connection between the Pizza and hundreds of millions of Euros that directly tie to Zimbabwe and to individuals with direct ties to the Clinton Foundation.

Obviously, we’ve all become aware that there is a massive pedophile ring along Connecticut Ave. in Washington D.C in places like Comet Ping Pong, Buck’s Fishing and Hunting, and Besta Pizza, to name a few. If you are unaware of such mounting evidence, you may download my archive (link:!85NVmT5C!19-0fhuHXUK55ch4R_APKSg-PrusvLhRcT-rmp_EI8E)

Since there have been dead leads over the past week or so, I decided to take FBI anonymous’ advice and take a look at the foundation, so I aimed to take a look at the Panama leaks from last year (Mossack Fonecca, the company with major donations to the Clinton Foundation), since nobody else seemed to do it.

First, I found that there was a company called, “Besta World Group, Inc.” and decided to take that for a spin (link:

Here, we see that Besta World Group Inc is an intermediary of Sealight Incorporations Limited. Now, Sealight Incorporations Limited has nearly 4000 shell companies set up, so I thought this was a dead end.

I did some further digging, and came across this site, (link: If you scroll down to this image, (

Here, you will see that Seallight Incoporations Limited is an intermediatry of everygood international co (empty shell) connected to standard directors (empty shell). This is where is became interesting. Develcan Ventures, LTD.

A search for Develcan (nice name, right?) Ventures, LTD came up with (link: The most important thing to look at here is “Ms. Elisana Marie-Antoinette Labonte”

I did a quick Google of her, and found this : where she was accused of conspiring to launder 240,000,000E into Deutsche Bank. I then did some more digging and found her as the former director of a company ( called Mayson Development Financial LTD.

When Googling this company, you’ll find they have a registered address in Moscow, Russia, but if you switch to Google images, you’ll find a thumbnail for “Bounce Ping Pong, London”. I’m sure you’ll see that Bounce Pizza Ping Pong (related to Ace Bounce Ping Pong in Downtown Chicago) is nearly identical to Comet Ping Pong on Connecticut Ave, which as you know, is right next door to our friends with the pedophile logo, Besta Pizza. Oh, by the way, Cheryl Mills, Sandler and Clinton Co. used to work at the lawfirm NEXT DOOR). Here is a link to their Instagram, with plenty of weird things, and common hashtags such as #chickenlover, which we all know is common pedophile lingo (link:

Now, the trail furthers, but before we continue, I’d like to point out that the major shareholder of Develcan is a woman named “Priscila Lustre Taylor”. A quick Google of her will bring you to this article (link:

“Then, late last month, documents emerged in London concerning Russia’s largest tax fraud, an alleged $US230 million heist that led to the untimely deaths of four people and threatens to damage the Russian government.”
”Would you like to add stature and credibility to your company by appointing someone with both an English title and substantial qualifications to your board? Lord Stubbington is available,” reads a letter circulated by Taylor’s wife, Priscila Lustre Taylor.
“The global arms-smuggling network feeds on this frailty, just as it feeds on the cast-off planes and pilots of the former Soviet Union. Adding to the intrigue over the seized flight 4L-AWA in Bangkok was that the Ilyushin-76 transport plane once belonged to a number of notorious international weapons dealers, including Viktor Bout – the so-called ”merchant of death” and inspiration for the 2005 Hollywood movie Lord of War. The plane’s current owner was an entity with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates but operated by Air West Ltd, based in Georgia. Air West had leased the aircraft to a New Zealand firm called SP Trading through a series of bank accounts in Estonia and New York.”

Yes, I have connected the Pizza place to the man Nicholas Cage played in the movie, Lord of War, to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of money laundering due to illicit firearms, drugs, and child trafficking.
Anyway, back to Mayson Financial LTD. (Mayson, nice name again, right?). If you take a look here ( you’ll see a man named Mikhail Konev is the current director since 2013, when he took over for Labonte.
I did a bit of a search on Mr. Konev, and found his LinkedIn, which shows he works at Merrill Lynch in Atlanta (as we know is the child trafficking capital of the United States) (link:

“Mikhail began his professional career at the age of 17, in his hometown of Volgograd, Russia. There he worked with U.S, Canadian, Italian, German and French citizens as interpreter and travel coordinator. Mikhail studied at the Virginia Military Institute and the Georgia State University and received his bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics. Prior to Merrill Lynch, Mikhail was a founder and managing partner of a company specializing in export sales. Mikhail joined Merrill Lynch in 2012; he possesses strong interpersonal and analytical skills and focuses on simplifying the financial lives of clients through the creation of customized investment strategies, financial analysis and personal guidance. Mikhail resides in Midtown, Atlanta and in his free time he enjoys exploring new food and drink venues, attending local festivals, cooking for friends and family and spending hot summer days on a lake.” (link:

Export sales? You don’t say.

Now, here is where it gets the most interesting. If you take a look at their filing history (link:, you will see that before Ms. Labonte was director, a woman names Cinthia Julie Alcindor was director, who has more links to Panamanian shell companies. (link:

Though, the biggest bombshell is the original director of Mayson Financial, who is named as one “Alfred Brewster”. I took a dive in to see what shell companies Alfred Brewster was part of(link: (, when I found one company called “The Artemis Group” (link:

And who is the largest shareholder of The Artemis Group, owned by the man who formed Mayson Financial? One Rautenbach Muller Conrad, otherwise known as Billy Rautenbach.

I’m sure you’re familiar with who Billy Rautenbach is (wiki link: , who has ties with the Zimbabwean government (President Robert Mugabe).

What does this mean? (link:(

“A few notable businessmen said to be calling the shots in Shaba are American Maurice Tempelsman, Zimbabwean Billy Rautenbach, South African Marc Rich, British John Bredenkamp, Swede Adolph Lundin and Jean Raymond Boulle.
Tenke Mining, owned by Swedish mining magnate Lundin is one of some 15 multinational mining companies partnered with GECAMINES in Shaba. Lundin is called a longtime associate of George HW Bush; African Confidential reported in 1997 that the ex-president telephoned Mobutu on Lundin’s behalf after the dictator had threatened to terminate a mining contract.
Pardoned by outgoing President Clinton for tax-evasion charges, Marc Rich operates the Swiss-based Glencore company. ”
UH oh.
Further researched here (link:

“Katanga’s militias and racketeering are connected to criminal networks of businessmen, including Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, Billy Rautenbach, John Bredenkamp, and Marc Rich. U.S. diamond magnate Maurice Tempelsman has profited from Katanga concessions since the Kennedy era. Lawrence Devlin, the old CIA station chief of Lubumbashi under Eisenhower, maintained Tempelsman’s criminal rackets with direct ties to Zaire’s former President Mobutu, and was subsequently employed by Tempelsman (16). ”

I believe I have tied in the evidence to prove that the United States Federal Government, the British Parliament, and the Russian Federation are working together through Mr. Taylor and Mr. Rautenbach, to launder hundreds of millions of dollars of child sex trafficking, drug running, and arms dealing through a plethora of offshore shell corporations, and back into high society Pizza Ping Pong businesses that exploit children.

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One Response to Keoni Galt reports on pizzagate

  1. There are FBI agents who know about this.

    There are FBI agents who regard this as actionable.

    The grand question is: will the high-ranking FBI shut those agents down, or will those agents be allowed to do their jobs?

    I read the chan sites. Many people claiming to be FBI post there anonymously. Some of the might be actual FBI (others are certainly posers).

    People claiming to be FBI post on chan sites, and leak little bits to stir up attention.

    However, public outrage is not enough. The actual FBI has to investigate Comet Pizza and related places.

    Ideally, I would like to see the FBI act within the first year of Trump’s presidency. But if they go four years without trying to prosecute Comet Pizza, then it will be time to give up on them.


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