How closely is Brock Pierce connected to the Clintons?


Back in 2003, Brock Pierce was in the news:

[Marc Collins-Rector] threw extravagant parties at his mansion outside of Los Angeles, which he shared with two other DEN executives. One, Brock Pierce, was a former Disney movie child star who moved in when he was 17 and earned a $250,000 salary at DEN.
Authorities said Collins-Rector recruited teenage employees, whom he encouraged to accompany him on trips. One was the 13-year-old in the New Jersey case,


who worked from his home for Collins-Rector’s former start-up, Internet service provider Concentric Networks.
The executive fled to Spain with co-executives Chad Shackley and Pierce. The trio were arrested last year on charges in the seaside town of Marbella, but Shackley and Pierce were released in June 2002. It took more than a year for Spain to extradite Collins- Rector.

According to Wikipedia:

Pierce supports non-profit and advocacy efforts, and is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. He has been a guest lecturer at the Milken Global Conference, Singularity University, Stanford, USC, Caltech, and UCLA.

In 2000 three young actors filed a civil lawsuit claiming Pierce sexually abused them, also naming fellow Digital Entertainment Network executives Chad Shackley and Marc Collins-Rector.

All of this tends to remind me of the Franklin Scandal:

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