Is Trump’s hiring policy “Effort, Friendship, Victory”?



A long-standing trope in shonen manga is that the hero will initially face off against a strong rival and truly struggle for a considerable period. After that struggle is over, the rival becomes a friend and the strength of the rival is on the side of good.

This is called “Effort, Friendship, Victory.” You should read the textbook Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga to learn more about this.

Trump just nominated a Secretary of State, Tillerson, who has a track record of supporting the TPP, which Trump doesn’t support.

According to a channer, Trump is doing this with his hires.


[Tillerson’s policies:]

>Doesn’t like sanctions

>Believes in human caused climate change ‘to a degree’ and is pro-carbon tax

>Pro Trans-Pacific Partnership

>Pro common core

>Anti-government regulation

>Pro free trade

>Long time contributor to the Republican party, supporting George Bush, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell. Did not donate to Trump in 2016, but donated to Jeb instead

>Has close ties to Russia and supports Kurdistan

>As President of the Boy Scouts of America, he helped rescind the long standing ban on homosexual youth

One of Trump’s most powerful gestures as President-elect – which he keeps doing, and for good reason – is appointing someone who was previously an enemy of his in some respect; someone who was vocally pro-immigration, or in favour of Common Core.

Then, when they are inevitably asked about this by reporters, they inevitably come out and publicly state that their previous position was WRONG and they are 100% behind President Trump’s agenda.

Trump battles his opponents like he’s in Dragon Ball – he beats the living shit out of them, then forgives them, and they switch sides and become part of the team when the next big bad guy shows up. (Except for harmless joke villains who just turns up occasionally as wacky comic relief, like Jeb – and irredeemable assholes who just have to be completely destroyed.)

Expect this guy to give an interview shortly saying that the TPP is utter shit and he just didn’t understand it until President Trump explained it to him.

Ok anons, I’m just going to give you some straight up info. How you choose to interpret it and what you decide to do with it is up to you.

A few days ago, Glencore was allowed to purchase a sizeable, roughly 20% stake in Rosneft. BP own a similar stake, leaving the Russian state with the remaining controlling interest.

I’ve worked with Glencore. I’m not going to elaborate. You should be aware of who Mark Rich was though, in view of FBIVault. If you do some further digging, you’ll find that Rich was a Mossad asset whose main role was to ensure Israeli energy security. Iran played a large role in this.

I’ve also worked with Exxon. If you do your homework, you’ll find ties between the two.

Be under no illusion – Exxon is a state-level actor in itself. Today, Mr. Tillerson is one of the most powerful men in the world. Yesterday he was just as powerful.

Historically, Exxon was a Rockefeller interest. I can’t speak to that. I’ve met many senior people at Exxon. Most are southern good ol’ boys, salt of the earth patriotic Americans who’d wear jeans in the office if they could. I always enjoyed working with them. There’s never any bullshit. They’re tough task masters, but always honest and fair.

There IS a great game, anons. There always has been. You could say that I’ve been a ‘soldier’ of the great game. I don’t have a lot of time for idealists and SJW’s who shed tears everytime bombs start dropping somewhere. Sometimes these things are necessary – the consequences for our nations if we were to leave these regions to others are too dire to contemplate. So we fight over them, and innocent locals die. That’s life. It always has been.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a sociopath. I don’t think it’s cool to be international pirates, going around the world randomly killing people for lewt. But if our national interests are at stake, then sometimes there’s no other choice.

I was in Libya during the onset of the conflict there. All I can say is that the present outcome wasn’t planned. The belief was that Libya would be stablized after a couple of months at most, but we put too much stock in our men (locals) on the ground there. I got reassigned for making to much noise at the time.

Syria is part of the same game, anons. The primary motive is energy security. That’s why you see the likes of France and Germany (and the EU in general) shrieking louder than anyone else at current developments. If it plays into things like the Yinon Plan then all very well, but that isn’t why NATO is there.

This is all part of the plan to contain Russia. There are a couple of problems I have with our recent approach.

The first is that the neolibs/neocons seem to have lost sight of the fundamental difference between an adversary and an enemy. Russia is our adversary (a competitive, rational actor), but these people have convinced themselves that Russia is our enemy. This kind of misjudgement completely fucks up our analysis. It causes us to behave irrationally. The results are there for you all to see.

So problem 1 is the cause of my second problem. We are getting our asses handed to us…

I told everyone that would listen to me 5 years ago that we’d already lost Africa to the Chinese. Now we’re losing the middle-east, not to the arabs themselves, but to our competitors, Russia and China, and we’re losing them in their entirety. There was no fucking need for this, but we refused to adjust to the new realities. We wouldn’t settle for any kind of compromise or carve-up, even when our diplomatic leverage had become exhausted.

I am assuming the Trump doesn’t get his victory stolen by the Electoral College, but given that assumption, I am still going to wait for the first 100 days of the Trump administration to see how this guy Tillerson turns out.

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One Response to Is Trump’s hiring policy “Effort, Friendship, Victory”?

  1. BMan says:

    Sorry, but we’re fucked.


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