South American connection to Pizzagate (according to Blueberry Perspective)

Blueberry Perspective reports:

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Direct link found between Pizzagate’s James Alefantis and the slaying of 7 year old Colombian girl Yuliana Samboni

 I have been writing this blog for a week now, spurred into action by the Pizzagate scandal, which is the latest in a series of International Satanic Ritual Abuse scandals involving rich and powerful perpetrators and child victims, which I have been researching for the last 20 years.

After witnessing the blatant media manipulation and internet censorship I felt I needed to join the fray in the war for hearts and minds.

Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something…

I have also been closely following the Colombian Pizzagate of the case of Yuliana Samboni, due to intitially finding out about the case from my Colombian gf, and her family.

You can find my earlier reports here:

The similarities in both scandals are immediately noticeable and striking to anyone paying attention.

In both cases there is a high level of both Law Enforcement shirking their duties while the Media half-steps the investigation, or in the case of North America’s Pizzagate, they are actively participating in the cover-up.

The two cases also involve powerful, wealthy and politically connected suspects, who seem untouchable to consequences of horrifically abusing child victims via Satanic Ritual Abuse and organized child trafficking pedophilia rings that operate internationally, prostituting the victims to a wealthy elite and distributing child pornography.

In both cases there is the presence of secret societies, and occult ritual as a key element to the crimes.

In fact the similarities of the two crimes are so spot on it lead me down a dark and twisted rabbithole to try to find a connection.

This citizen investigation into pizzagate really displays the power of social media.

The final connecting link came to me from an unrelated post on pizzagate forum by a user named Pizzagate_Detective.

In this post, titled “New Lead: James Alefantis in in the middle of Diplomats and Hatian orphans” the link has been established through unrelated sources:

Pizzagate_Detective posted:

James Alefantis funds art auctions and mingles with diplomats:
Diplomatic Chairs of the Event Over the Years:

  • The Ambassador of Italy, Armando Varricchio and Mrs. Varricchio – 2016
  • The Ambassador of France, Gérard Araud – 2015
  • Ambassador Björn Lyrvall & Madeleine Lyrvall of the Embassy of Sweden – 2014
  • The Ambassador of Colombia, His Excellency Carlos Urrutia – 2013
  • The Ambassador of Spain, His Excellency Ramón Gil-Casares -2012
  • The Ambassador of Australia, His Excellency The Honorable Kim Beazley, AC & Ms. Susie Annus -2011

    Now, you may be thinking “how does this info connect Rafael Uribe Noguera and his rape/murder of 7 year old Yuliana Samboni to Alefantis?”

    Good question. Allow me to demonstrate.

    In my previous article “The Strange Case of Yuliana Samboni” (linked to above) I quoted a reddit r/conspiracy researcher named Chief Videos and his work he posted about the strangeness of circumstances in the case.

    There is a specific part of that post which proves the link. Here is the quote from the post by u/Chief Videos of reddit:

    “Rafael Noguera comes from a wealthy and distinguished family. His father Rafael Rivera is Dean of Architecture at Javeriana University in Bogotá, his mother Maria Noguera is a legal representative for Lascaux Constructions Company, and his brother Francisco Noguera works at prestigious law firm Brigard & Urrutia.⁴ Carlos Urrutia, founder of the firm and former Colombian Ambassador to the United States, was forced to resign after investigators uncovered his involvement in the illegal purchase of protected peasant land holdings by multinational companies (including US food giant Cargill Inc., Colombian sugar company Riopaila, and financial firm Grupo Aval).⁵
    Investigators have since opened up an investigation into Rafael’s brother Francisco Noguera, stating the crime scene was manipulated by more than one person.⁶ Police are looking at what involvement the family played, as Rafael’s siblings were present after the kidnapping and before police arrived.⁷”
    So simply put, there we have a documented link between James Alefantis the owner of Comet Ping Pong, the former Colombian Ambassador Carlos Urrutia, and Francisco Uribe Noguera the brother of Yuliana Samboni’s accused killer, who is a partner at the prestigious law firm Brigard and Urrutia, founded and owned by Carlos Urrutia friend of Alefantis.
     This is a huge and game changing find, as the ritual elements of Yuliana Samboni’s death have been well documented and this is a direct link to the Satanic Ritual Abuse case of Pizzagate. It also points to the international aspect of the ring.
    This link in conjunction with the Clinton Foundation dealings in Colombia along with Carlos Slim and Frank Giustra (Elpida Home, had the pedo triangle logo) form a major piece of the puzzle in my opinion. Please help me get the word out!!!

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