voat reports shady adoption businesses

Bright Horizons, a large international child care network, is two blocks from Friday’s Child Adoption Services Inc., which used to share an address with Podesta’s cousin’s 8 other businesses. (pizzagate)

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Background: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1517186

Looks like someone was really close to finding this a while back, but got buried. Read this article from this thread: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1445248

New address: Friday’s Child Adoption Services, Inc. 90 Whitewood Road Suite 4 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA 22901

Look what I found is in walking distance… Bright Horizons. http://sli.mg/aqAntc

Butterflies are heavily featured by this company: http://archive.is/VXtbW

Go to their website. Look at their community forum. I bet pedos lurk there. Look at all of their social media. I have archived every one of their instagram posts. I need you guys to help dig, especially on social media. Archive everything you can from their Facebook, twitter, pintrest, etc… Look at who comments on the posts and then dig for info on them before they make it private. And archive everything. Here is a good extension for archiving. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/archiveis-button/cgjpabpjaocpgppajkeplhbipbdippdm?hl=en

More relevant links

Suspicious instagarms posts: Swirls, butterflies & hearts http://archive.is/udm58http://archive.is/RewEYhttp://archive.is/yj8ERhttp://archive.is/g3RN9http://archive.is/PSmgKhttp://archive.is/LtioZhttp://archive.is/d572Nhttp://archive.is/7ieL7http://archive.is/TJDC6http://archive.is/NMoDihttp://archive.is/vMbQf

Corporate Partners: http://archive.is/h9Idb

Nursery List: http://archive.is/vIjmc

Bright Horizons Family Solutions Subsidiaries Bright Horizons, Inc Bright Horizons Partnership ChildrenFirst, Inc Nurseryworks, Ltd Birrell Collection Ltd Bright Horizons Corporation Bright Horizons Family Solutions Ltd Kidstop at Boynton Beach, Inc Lipton Corporate Child Care Centers (Tysons Corner) Inc Lipton Corporate Childcare, Inc. (New York) Bright Horizons Livingston Ltd OxfordPitco 004 Ltd Beehive Day Nurseries Ltd Child & Co (Oxford) Ltd Bright Horizons Family Solutions Ireland Ltd Creative Movement & Art Center Inc Bright Horizons Support Services Ltd Nurseryworks Associates, Ltd BHFS One Lipton Corporate Child Care Centers (Oakwood at the Windsor) Inc GreenTree ChildcareChild Care Services, Inc Lipton Corporate Child Care Centers (Reston), Inc Resources in Active Learning, Inc Access Management Inc Enchanted Forest Day Care, Inc Allmont Ltd BHFS Two Rutland Red Apple Nursery Ltd Lipton Corporate Child Care Centers (WP), Inc Lipton Corporate Child Care Centers (Morris County) Inc ChildrenFirst Ltd CorporateFamily Solutions Inc Lipton Corporate Child Care Centers (Park Ave.), Inc. Crocus Early Years Centre Ltd Daisies Day Nurseries Ltd Lipton Corporate Child Care Centers (JC) Inc Staffquest, Ltd BHFS Three


Gusifer: Patti Paule-Carres, a Podesta Cousin Runs is a Private INTERNATIONAL Adoption Service (pizzagate)

submitted 1 day ago by quantokitty

So 2impendingdoom posted asking for help looking into a business started by Patti Paule-Carres, a Podesta cousin.

Original post: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1516773 Business registration: http://archive.is/Jnnbl

======================= More Gusifer BS. According to Patti-Paule-Carres, her business is nonclassifiable?


So it’s “Nonclassifiable Establishments”?!!! But this does show that Joseph (Daniel’s father) was in on this and actively involved. If you click on his name, it confirms what is said above about Daniel being “J. Daniel and Daniel J.”


But his part in the business, it’s as shadowy as Paule-Carres. What does “Production Occupations” mean? Especially when the type of business is listed as “Medical”?

========= Another property showed up for a J. Daniel Petruso. It’s at 517 Fairmont in Winchester, VA


When I did a search for that address, a Mary Christine Petruso came up. There’s a Daniel J. Petruso listed as a possible relative and several other individuals that might family members. I notice that Mr. Petruso usually is listed as J. Daniel Petruso with the “J” first, but this time the J. is after Daniel so it might be that he’s sometimes listed both ways. I’m putting down the link to this woman and the possible family family members because it may aid in figuring out if they are involved in this adoption service or not. There could be other businesses that tie in also, but, right now, there’s absolutely no evidence to link them at this time.


The business is called Gusifer, and given its similarity to Guccifer, 2impendingdoom wondered if it was a lead. Is it ever! I posted, but I feel like the information is getting buried, and it’s too important to get buried! Therefore, I’m putting it into its own post.

2impendngdoom was right! Here’s what I found. The business isn’t one business – it’s eight. And it’s listed as business services. Here’s the information:


It says and I quote: “There are 8 companies that have an address matching 124 Amherst St Winchester, VA 22601. The companies are Paule Carres Phd Pc Glenn N, Medical Electronic Data Insurance Claims Inc, Shenandoah Family Institute Inc, Sfi Adoption Services LC, Gusifer LLC, Pcs Enterprises LLC, Medic Inc, and Prisma Counseling Services Plc.” My eye stopped on: ADOPTION SERVICES?!!!! Really? When you search for Sfi Adoption Services, you get lots of hits. Here are two examples. SFI is listed as a PRIVATE VIRGINIA ADOPTION SERVICE and an INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE ADOPTION AGENCY. Nope, you can’t make this shit up!


The scary thing is that they handle medical records AND adoptions. Does this mean they have the ability to change medical records? If they do this is worrisome for obvious reasons. I feel this is a huge lead so dig, dig, dig!

Edit: There’s even another adoption service at 124 Amherst: Fridays Child Adoption Service.


cbradio has helped us out by compiling a list to look for in checking whether an adoption service/agency is legitimate. This should help enormously in our investigation:

Is his COA accreditayion up to date, consistent history? Also, 1. National Center zfor Families and Children, Maryland, allows volunteers?? 2. Fairdax Families for Kids, mentor programs. 3. DC family and Youth Initiative- host, mentor, adoptions.

The Haiti adopt place across from Comet? Connect to any agencies or people this subverse listed on top?

What attorney is either agency using?

What hospitals are they affiliated as many adopt agency reviews, list that hospitals are utilized for unwanted pregnancies.

There are more govt, state/fed oversight agencies, then I listed. Be back on that.

Fed/state grants?

Any live in VA, DC area to spy or also look at back of weekly papers for ones advertising for pregnant moms/ paid to conceive?

All the missing VA children. How far from those agencies?

Are kids kept at that building or where? Where are they getting the overseas ones?

========= New address: Friday’s Child Adoption Services, Inc. 90 Whitewood Road Suite 4 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA 22901 (703) 200-9099

I went to the Virginia Dept. of Social Services and found this address listed. The agency may have moved from Amherst or be another branch? Here’s the archived link:



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