Daily reminder: 4chan is a honeypot. Apparently Mintpress has not figured this out yet

mootIsAFedEveryone with half a clue has figured it out already.  In case you’ve been in a coma for the past 20 years, I’ll recap the basics.


A young person named moot started an anonymous image-posting forum called 4chan.  It was rapidly colonized by the “goons” of Something Awful, who proceeded to act out their personality disorders by posting various tasteless images.

Cops don’t have enough time to police the whole Internet, so they focus on high-priority targets, like child abuse images.  Many child abuse images were posted to 4chan.

Because moot didn’t have the resources to remove every child abuse image that the goons posted, the Feds gave moot an offer with two options:

1 – moot could keep his mouth shut, pretend to be the boss of 4chan and allow Fed agents to monitor 4chan for child abuse images; or
2 – moot could be held personally accountable for all child abuse images on 4chan.

The Feds have run 4chan since that day. moot doesn’t hang out at 4chan much, but the Feds pull the strings of every patsy who serves as a public face for 4chan, and the Feds have physical access and superuser privileges to the machines that serve 4chan.  The most recent patsy is Hiroyuki Nishimura, but don’t think for one minute the Feds have stopped using 4chan as a honeypot.  The Feds want lots of child abuse images posted at 4chan, because the Feds OPERATE 4chan;  they can pick and choose which IP addresses they want to investigate.

Mintpress is so ignorant that they don’t know this.

Mintpress wrote:

4chan is a lawless, unmoderated and completely anonymous online forum that frequently serves as a hub of internet troll culture. 4chan spawned the Anonymous movement when some of 4chan’s users launched an organized trolling campaign against the Church of Scientology in 2008. That movement later became known for its hacktivism against the wealthy and powerful during the Occupy Wall Street movement that began in fall of 2011.

A hyper-conservative, white nationalist movement now dominates 4chan, particularly the subsection known as /pol/. T…sober analysts are worried that 4chan and Reddit are radicalizing a generation by turning disaffected young white men into dangerous neo-Nazis.

Since November 8, 4chan has been linked to two seemingly disparate, but ultimately interconnected stories. One of them, #Pizzagate, is a conspiracy theory …4chan turned their attention to the counterculture next. The tragic fire at Oakland’s Ghostship collective, which claimed the lives of 36 young artists, has inspired police around the U.S. to crack down on squats and illegal arts spaces. Sensing an opportunity, 4chan users began collecting the addresses of similar spaces to enable them to report these communities to police, code enforcement, fire inspectors, and other authority figures capable of shutting them down.
“The Oakland fire occurred in a venue popular with leftists and degenerates,” one 4chan user wrote.

4chan is not lawless. 4chan might be run by Feds who don’t respect the laws, but 4chan is definitely bound by various laws, some of which actually get enforced by actual cops and courts. 4chan users are anonymous to each other, but the Feds running the show track their IP numbers.


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