To be a cuckold is to be a failure at guarding. To remain a cuckold is dereliction of duty. To seek out cuckoldry is mutiny against monogamy.

The modern world does not have much stable monogamy.

Many men get girlfriends, and then those girlfriends find other sex partners without bothering to break off the prior relationship.  Those abandoned boyfriends are cuckolds in a minor sense; they have failed at monogamy.

More serious is to be married or otherwise committed, and be alienated from one’s wife by her sexual congress with someone else.  When you get married, you agree to guard the boundaries of that marriage, and if anyone can get past those boundaries, you have failed.

This notion of commitment as DEFENSE shows why anti-immigration activists decry their enemies as cuckolds.  A country that allows illegal immigrants resembles a marriage that allows violation of marital vows.

However, some metaphorical cucks are literal cuckolds. Atavisionary has some harsh words for them, and I have some mild words for Atavisionary.


[second link redacted due to unclear allegations]

In case you have given up on reddit (and many people have) you might not know that atavisionary is a very successful redditor. For two years, he worked hard to get 10,000 redditors subscribing to his subreddit. He is proud of that, and he isn’t going to start changing his personal rules. When neoreactionaries who are Internet-famous try to exert influence over his rules, he feels that they are trying to cuck him.

In his own words:

They don’t even have any respect for me who has spent two years and a lot of work building and moderating this community. I won’t lie, I am still in awe that they so steadfastly refused to follow such a simple and longstanding rule. I can’t understand why they think they shouldn’t have to follow the rules of my community. No sensible organization with any sort of decent leadership would have pointlessly risked alienating a major ally like hestia so carelessly has in this case. It is clearly a symptom of poor leadership.

From what I understand, part of their reluctance to provide any information whatsoever is that they literally take compartmentalization as a religion there. They aren’t trying to form an organic community, they are trying to recreate a spy agency secrecy state. I don’t know what to say other than fuck that. I believe in hierarchy, but that isn’t incompatible with transparency. I don’t want to live in a compartamentalized community where everything is a secret, I want an organic community.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Getting 10,000 people to take enough of an interest in your subreddit to subscribe is quite a feat. Probably at least 2,000 of those subscribed because they hate it and they want to look for its weaknesses, 4,000 signed up on a whim and never visit, and the remaining 2,000 are probably just mildly interested rather than willing to help with community efforts, but it’s something. Unfortunately, reddit is probably on the decline, so those two years of hard work are probably going to be worth less and less as the years go by.

Atavisionary has lots of harsh words for the Hestia gang. He calls them cucks.

Here is a mild observation for Atavisionary: he calls himself a neoreactionary. He is not willing to be cucked by the Hestia gang. He’s in obvious danger of being politically cucked by more competent neoreactionary narcissists. And he certainly appears to be mentally cucked by Moldbug’s words. (In that last matter, I hope that he will prove my speculation wrong.)

The drama of Hestia is something I have not observed up close. I have, however, observed similar drama in different groups. Typically the most sophisticated folks were born into families and communities that emphasized back-stabbing and manipulation. They want to be James Bond villains, but they don’t have the talent or resources, so they clump into petty little social circles and enjoy black-balling the least popular members. The most extroverted narcissists make long-term power plays by ingratiating themselves with potentially useful recruits (such as atavisionary) and trying to use social pressure to get those recruits to compromise their personal rules. It’s all very “political” in the petty sense that makes people hate community-building.

A much simpler way is the way of the ideologue. An ideologue is an introvert who claims to be a thinker, although he may just be a half-baked kook or crank. The ideologue avoids politics, simply because politics is tedious and not worth the effort. But the ideologue spins this as a noble, ascetic devotion to ideals. The ideologue will never get cucked, because he has no wife to defend. Communities often idolize ideologues, but ideologues are loners. {Curtis Yarvin appears to be an untalented con man who is attempting to pose as an ideologue. If he succeeds, I will admit that at least he had either talent or skill as a con man.}

A person who can avoid getting cucked while staying politically engaged is rare. That is why we don’t have a word for such people – yet.

I expect that in the next 20 years, society will change a lot due to Internet socialization. We may very well see a new era of politics based on ideological fads and slogans that run away from the originating ideologues to produce spontaneous communities. That is, assuming that the Internet is still operational after the Right Wing Death Squads finish killing every suspected drug user in the Philippines.

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