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Previously deleted at (

I’m the current admin of the Pizzagate Wiki:

I have evidence that an IP,, accessed our DynCorp page and proceeded to create the same spam attack situation which had brought down the Pizzagate Review but was unsuccessful this second time.

When I looked into our analytics the page itself was being accessed by Waltham, Massachusetts. As it turns out, that’s the headquarters for Raytheon. “The Raytheon Company is a major U.S. defense contractor and industrial corporation with core manufacturing concentrations in weapons and military and commercial electronics” and additionally cyberdefense. They are deeply connected to DynCorp, and a quick search can prove that. “DynCorp is also interested in participating with Raytheon, as either a prime or a subcontractor” for instance (

A literal “Raytheon/Dyncorp” Facebook listing for a company of that name:

I don’t know how many have followed the story of the Wiki thus far, but this isn’t the first time the website has been targeted. This time, however, we were prepared.

Keep up the good fight, fellow pizzagators,



Will publish analytics information tomorrow if necessary, but I also have the IP accessing the DynCorp page and subsequently becoming spam. Honestly, it’s safe to say whoever started the attack attempted to do so from Waltham.

Update 2: Next attack came from from the DynCorp page again.

So far, both IP addresses can be found listed at Wilmington, Delaware here:

Update 3: Next attack came from another address,, but still listed as Wilmington, DE. This time, I could find whois information saying this is at 1521 Concord Pike in Wilmington, Delaware

Note: Every one of these attacks starts with a direct landing on the DynCorp page

Update 4 – User JrSlimss points out a recent update which appears to be the possible motive for the attack:

I think I know why I pissed them off. I think it related to my comment on Voat which had the Pizzagate.Wiki link. Repasted as follows:

” Fun fact: As many know, Claude D’Estree, who is murdered researcher Monica Petersen’s colleague and is the most outspoken about her not investigating the Clinton Foundation, previously worked for DynCorp. However, D’Estree didn’t just work for DynCorp – he was their direct link to the US Attorney’s Office during DynCorp’s biggest child trafficking scandal which took place in Bosnia in 1999. The US Attorney’s Office that should have been prosecuting DynCorp, but never did. That whole incident was so big it literally got turned into a Hollywood movie called the Whistleblower with Rachel Weisz. (Link) ”

Ok, so why that pissed them off. The thing we linked that it doesn’t seem like anyone else really focused on? That DynCorp had its employees working within the US Attorney’s Office as contractors at the time DynCorp should have been under investigation by the office for the 1999 Bosnia child/women trafficking scandal. After finding this (Link) and if my guess is correct, this should have been a major conflict of interest by the US Attorney’s Office and the issue should have left the US Attorney’s Offices’ control and gone to the Office of the Inspector General – an independent party. It doesn’t seem like that transfer ever happened. If correct, this is the sort of thing that deserves a congressional investigation.

Note: To those defending DynCorp as a “decent” company that “protects us”, they have several scandals involving the rape and trafficking of minors. So many that we had to separate them by country. Get educated:

Update 5: Moderator kevdude informed me the previous post was deleted by a mod, numbchuck, who was themselves deleted. Glad to be back! Must be getting warmer!

Update 6: Beginning to compile logs for each spam user. Notice how every attack has the same pattern and same user agents (same machine?). It is a currently on an easily read spreadsheet found here:

Another relevant post deleted at /v/pizzagate – info on Jeffrey Epstein and DynCorp:

Update 7: For this appropriately tough and skeptical crowd, here’s our analytics data for yesterday: Album

The attack from Waltham is conveniently now listed as (not set), which Google admits they will do to sensitive locations, plus I watched it happen live and know what I saw. Note all the locations with an average view time of 0. Those were likely attacks as that particular page had a spike in such activity for the last couple days.

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