Globalization is showing a few nationalistic, territorial, and tribal cracks … but Walter Jon Williams has no known opinion on the /pol/ mentality


Remember cyberpunk? Different cyberpunk stories envisioned different geopolitical systems for their fictional worlds.

In particular, Hardwired envisioned a world where planet Earth had hundreds or thousands of sovereign countries, but the Orbital megacorps could wipe any of them out by dropping asteroids on them.

Fortunately, we don’t have Orbital megacorps of that type, but the world does bear some resemblance to Hardwired and related books.

And, oddly enough, we have a super-convenient free library where you can download copies of hard-to-find books:

So the world does not appear to be ascending into an orderly, usurious New World Order, controlled by banks and white people like H.G.Wells. Instead, the world seems to be cracking. Different tribes prefer their own kind to depersonalized national and transnational entities.

This leads to violence, such as this:

Dozens of militants were detained and four of them killed in a security operation in Russia’s southern region of Chechnya on Wednesday

And it leads to anti-religious psyops, such as this:

Peter Ould writes: Harry Farley at Christian Today has reported the response to the reading of the Qu’ran at a Communion service (Eucharist) in St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow on the 6th of January.

The part of the Qu’ran that was read specifically denied that Jesus was/is the Son of God, which is contrary to orthodox Christianity.

And I can’t even begin to count all the acts of amateur violence by Muslim bigots against defenseless Christians in Europe.

But the USA is still committing professional acts of violence:

The USA might have a palace revolution before it manages to install the new president:

Mexico has macro-scale economic problems managing its peso:

Mexico also has micro-scale economic problems distributing gasoline:

In fact, according to “The Anti-Media,” which is not necessarily a source that I trust, Mexico might get pushed into open revolution:

…the unfolding civil unrest has closed the U.S.-Mexico border in San Diego, California, several times in the past week. Ongoing “gasolinazo” protests in Mexico over a 20 percent rise is gas prices have led to over 400 arrests, 250 looted stores, and six deaths. Roads are being blockaded, borders closed, and government buildings are being sacked.

“el narco-gobierno,” is a term used to describe the open corruption between the Mexican government and drug cartels. The narco-state has been in the headlines lately over the kidnapping and presumed murder of 43 Ayotzinapa students in Iguala, Guerrero, in 2014. This has been a source of continuous anti-government protests ever since.

Though the kidnappings remain officially unsolved, members of the Guerrero Unidos drug cartel have admitted to colluding with local police forces to silence the student activists. Twenty police officers have been arrested in association with the kidnapping.

Mexican farmers and workers are getting a raw deal from NAFTA, and the Mexican oil company Pemex has lots of problems with corruption.


The above image quotes Krieger, and you can read his whole thing at:

The Western “elites” claim that Poland is not a democracy, because it’s not pro-gay enough, or because it stopped funding the fashionable NGOs, or something:

Poland is facing international condemnation. Recent moves by the Law and Justice government have come straight out of the playbook shared by the likes of Hungarian strongman Viktor Orban. It’s moved quickly to neuter the constitutional court; to take control of the state media; to defund unfriendly NGOs or regulate them into irrelevance; to put its own people in charge of public institutions; and has given every sign of being prepared to ride out waves of protests and ignore international criticism.

However, that same Poland is willing to be used by the “elites” as a military provocation against Russia.

Hungary is also provoking the “elites” by annoying Soros:

Hungary plans to crack down on non-governmental organizations linked to billionaire George Soros now that Donald Trump will occupy the White House, according to the deputy head of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party.

Syria has accused Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey of trafficking toxic weapon components:

Syrian forces engaged in mop-up operation in Aleppo’s recently retaken areas have discovered Saudi-produced chemical weapons agents left behind by foreign-backed terrorists in the city.
Syria’s official SANA news agency reported on Wednesday that the chemical materials were found by an army unit in a depot in the Old City of Aleppo.
Sulfur, chlorine and raw materials used for plastic granules were among the Saudi substances discovered, the report added.
It further noted that militants used the materials for manufacturing explosives that were later employed for targeting Aleppo’s residential areas.
It was not the first time that the Syrian troops uncovered toxic chemicals stored by Takfiri terrorists in Aleppo.
In December, Syrian military forces found a chemical warehouse inside Sana’a Mehaidali school in Aleppo’s Masaken Hanano neighborhood.
Terrorist groups such as Daesh and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, formerly known as al-Nusra Front, have on several occasions used toxic materials to target civilians in the Aleppo areas.
The Syrian government has accused Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey of providing the militants with the banned weapons.

Feminism can still make people miserable, but feminist organizations are breaking on racial lines.

For example, a Nice White Lady tried to act feminist in front of Black Lady and the Black Lady said mean words and the Nice White Lady said she didn’t feel entirely welcome in the feminist movement.

Jennifer Willis …a 50-year-old wedding minister from South Carolina, had looked forward to taking her daughters to the march. Then she read a post on the Facebook page for the march that made her feel unwelcome because she is white.
The post, written by a black activist from Brooklyn who is a march volunteer, advised “white allies” to listen more and talk less. It also chided those who, it said, were only now waking up to racism because of the election.
“You don’t just get to join because now you’re scared, too,” read the post. “I was born scared.”

Stung by the tone, Ms. Willis canceled her trip.

So let me note that WJW and Hardwired were very wrong about the staying power of leftism. WJW envisioned a world where almost everyone had bought into consumerism, gay tolerance, etc. The few hold-outs were crazy Protestant teetotalers and even crazier mystical polygamy cults. WJW is not politically correct, but he does seem to envision futures that leftists like to imagine.

Apparently WJW has a new book out that celebrates superpowered gays, but I haven’t read it. It would be interesting to see what (if anything) WJW thinks of the chans and the /pol/ mentality. Maybe he can’t see it because he doesn’t want to believe in it.

Regardless of what happens with left or right, Israelis continue to claim that while individual Israelis can sin by going against the interests of Israel, the nation Israel itself cannot sin.


And Israel has trouble persuading people to buy into its narrative, so Israel wants other countries to accept bribes until they agree to regulate non-Israeli narratives out of existence.

People don’t like most regulations. People want to be able to roll back the globalist baloney and set their own standards.

The idiotic over-regulation has made life miserable:

Shower heads are broken by design, low-flow toilets function badly, and soap lacks phosphates:

Meanwhile, Rick Falkvinge is undermining the foundations of modern property rights:

When copyright was reinstated in 1710, the justification was that of publishing being many orders of magnitude more expensive than authoring, and so without it, nothing would get published. But the Internet has reversed this assumption completely: publishing is now many orders of magnitude cheaper than writing the piece you want to publish.

Even the surreal pre-cyberpunk fantasy Dr. Adder didn’t imagine a world with easy copying of information!

(Have you read Dr. Adder? You might find it difficult to locate a copy.)

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