Here are the headlines … no, wait, the headlines are missing.

All right, I don’t know whether this is a hoax.

I am having trouble fitting the pieces together.

Here’s a summary from voat:

Wikipedia has a single short page about the franklin scandal

YouTube that makes the allegations out to be a hoax conspiracy theory:

I’m archiving all the evidence I can find of wikipedia scrubbing discussion and page history on the Franklin Scandal. current page on wikipedia history of current page, notice how it starts in 2011 after original was deleted without a trace current talk page. history of talk page: forum post containing old copy of the article from wikipedia in 2010, that was deleted metadata of original page history, from 2005-2011. All content is gone! archives of talk page

Other franklin stuff on wikipedia: article on Lawrence E King Jr is gone without a trace, redirects to disambiguation now. This is a very famous person who now has no wikipedia page deletion of duplicate page MONGO user, much recent censorship of the Franklin wiki page appears to be by this user NuclearWarfare user talk about deleting Conspiracy of Silence page more discussion of the censorship, from back in 2010 article discussing CIA and FBI editing wikipedia, which references the Franklin page

Here’s a timeline as far as I can tell so far:

20 Oct 2005 original page is first created
24 April 2011 user MONGO first appears in page history
10 May 2011 user NuclearWarfare first appears in page history
13 May 2011 page is deleted (and at some point all its history is scrubbed)
14 May 2011 page is restarted as a stub by user NuclearWarfare
31 May 2011 page is set to protected by user NuclearWarfare
3 May 2013 both NuclearWarfare and MONGO editing the page on the same day (are they working together?)
9 March 2016 user MONGO replies on talk page


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