Comprehensive Strategic Collaborative Partnership between China and Russia


The Dragon typically has endless patience. Taiwan will test President Xi’s
patience for certain. He hoped to see Taiwan in a Hong Kong-like arrangement of
‘One China-Two systems’. That is not going to happen before the U.S. retreats to
Hawaii. The U.S. has infinite capacity to inflict pain and suffering on its most
loyal vassals. No one in America, except Taiwanese-Americans, will even know
of the pain suffered in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung and Tainan until the U.S lets

Most of us will live to see a new international, global dynamic. Some of us will
feel its nourishment. Some of us will be stuck in the cavern of Elites who have
run the world for centuries. Just as the North Pole shifts, geopolitical poles shift.
Economic poles shift, also. A containment policy or exclusionary trade treaty or
covert destabilization program cannot stop 3.5 billion people inspired by two
enlightened leaders who have the same metaphorical DNA. The tectonic shift is
too much for mere mortals of the West who have run out of ideas, lies, bullets,
bombs, false flags and proxies to win and control mankind. The Hegemon has bad
DNA that cannot adapt to the fresh air and sunlight of the truth. Humanity will
win its freedom and civilizations will prosper.
Russians and Chinese Win
Russians and Chinese citizens will look within their own civilizations for
solutions to the challenges and threats cast at them by the Hegemon. The
motivations exist to create wise solutions that are not martial, nor dominant, nor
exploitative nor unjust. Relying on experts and NGOs of the West will be
understood as opening the doors to the enemy and housing the terrorists and
saboteurs sent by the Hegemon.
The resistance to hegemony is an historic lesson to the civilizations of Russia and
China. The allure of the West is stripped off once-empowering words, models and
ideals like ‘democracy’, ‘freedom’, ‘friendship’, ‘allies’, ‘partners’, ‘success’, and
‘security’. The patina of ‘exceptional’ and ‘greatness’ has worn away.
The peoples of Russia and China are heirs to great civilizations. They have
cultures and institutions that are grounded in sage principles and centuries of
profound accomplishments in art, science, technology and human endeavors.
They need not emulate any other nation or culture or educational system.
Sovereignty, like individuality, is the unique identity that must be cherished.
Then, international cooperation and partnership is grounded on strengths of those
choosing to join with others out of free choice not coercion.
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